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Encyclopedia Brown vs Lara Croft

Suggested by Destroyer Encyclopedia Brown seems like a nice kid, but at the end of the day that’s all he is. What can a kid hope to do against a trained fighter like Lara? Take away her gadgets and she’s still an incredibly tough fighter who won’t go down easy. Brown can’t say the same for himself and it’s not like this is a battle of wits. His plans will only delay the inevitable as Lara can easily win this in a multitude of different ways. Lara Croft wins.

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Ethan Hunt vs Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown is a pretty good detective but he is just out of his league here. Ethan Hunt is a talented agent who has beaten more opponents hand to hand than you would want to remember. He is a fierce fighter and someone who can think outside the box. Brown’s analytical skills just won’t be enough to claim victory here. Ethan Hunt finally scores his first victory. Ethan Hunt wins.

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Encyclopedia Brown vs Sherlock Holmes

Suggested by Destroyer Encyclopedia Brown is a nice guy and he is good at solving mysteries but I don’t think he will be able to pull one over Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is smarter than Brown not to mention that he is also older and physically more powerful. Brown is just completely out of his depth here and he knows it. His best bet is to go with a hit and run strategy but even that won’t get him very far. Sherlock Holmes wins.

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Demogoblin vs Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown is one of those guys who won’t stay down. No matter how many losses he gets he’ll always come back and take another shot at winning. Of course he won’t be able to take on Demogoblin. Demogoblin is far too powerful. Demogoblin finally gets himself higher in the blog. Demogoblin wins.

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Encyclopedia Brown vs Nate The Great

Nate The Great eats loads of pancakes a week. He can even eat them frozen which shows his teeth are hard. The other kid couldn’t do that in his dreams because his dreams don’t involve pancakes, they involve regret that he wasn’t tough anymore. His partner took him out. Nate The Great wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Encyclopedia Brown

Jigsaw Jones is back. This time he won’t be up against another detective. He’s up against a kid with big dreams. This shouldn’t be too hard for him since he deals with bullies regularly. Encyclopedia Brown has also gotten sloppy and lets his partner do the work for him. Jigsaw Jones wins.