Mr Fantastic vs Thing

Well these two are virtually the same. They have both obtained each other’s powers in the past. So the winner is the Thing. Because he has more experience in rock form. Thing gets himself a nice win. Thing wins.

389 thoughts on “Mr Fantastic vs Thing

    • I Haven’t read the comic, but I believe he was given a knockoff by some new villain guy. Though Thing probably could pick up Thor’s hammer if he were given the chance. Because all who are worthy can šŸ˜€

  1. their was been times when doom was in mr fantastic’s body and was fighting thing doom was win in mr fantastic body but the real mr fantastic stop him

    • Good thing he was stopped eh! Otherwise things could have gotten risky for the Thing! Of course nowadays he has Human Torch form and Fear Itself form šŸ™‚

  2. in an avenger comic with red hulk in it mr fantastic said he had redpowers but red hulk stold it so he can beat thing with red hulk powers

    • Lol, well I didn’t like them for a while, but recently I’ve begun to like them more. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked Human Torch, but the franchise as a whole I didn’t. Lately I’ve found them cool though. Invisible Woman is extremely epic, Mr Fantastic can beat whoever he wants, Human Torch…is Human Torch, and I still don’t like Thing šŸ™‚

      Well, relevant or not you’ve helped this match crack 370 comments so congrats! šŸ˜€

  3. quickster vs. elastic waistband quickster vs. captain magma quickster vs. miss appear quickster vs. mermaid man elastic waistband vs. captain magma elastic waistband vs. miss appear captain magma vs. miss appear professor impossible vs. elastic waistband

    • Quickster vs Elastic Waistband, Captain Magma, Miss Appear, and Mermaid Man Accepted!
      Elastic Waistband vs Captain Magma, and Miss Appear Accepted!
      Captain Magma vs Miss Appear Accepted!
      Professor Impossible vs Elastic Waistband Accepted!

      New requests is always a good thing šŸ™‚

    • It is interesting because he does have some great weapons like that. However, Thing has gotten many power ups over the years along with other FF abilities. He should be able to dodge the blast and still beat Mr. Fantastic with a reasonable amount of ease. Now, if Mr Fantastic ever got an armor in a comic that would give him some extra defense, that could really tilt the scales in his favor.

  4. There have been many times when Mr. Fantastic defeats at The Thing. Everytime that the Torch and the Thing have a fight, Mr. Fantastic immovilizes the Thing in a very easy way. And the most clear is when Over-Mind adventure where Mr. Fantastic defeats at the other Fantastic Four.

    • Well that is certainly true. Mr. Fantastic has won many times, but Thing isn’t always written well. If both of them are on point, then it’ll be very tough for Mr. Fantastic to last very long. His tech does help a lot though.

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