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Mr Fantastic vs Spiderman

Mr Fantastic is a pretty intelligent guy and even he was not prepared for just how quick Spiderman can be in a fight. Spiderman has his Spider Sense, which allows him to know which threats are around before they can hurt him. This gives him the edge over just about any other fighter who is on the same level as him. Mr Fantastic is good at stretching, but he’s simply outmatched here. Spiderman wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Thor

Mr Fantastic is incredibly smart while Thor is immensely powerful. One of these fighters will have to crumble and that won’t be Thor. Mr Fantastic has built many impressive devices over the years, but his physical attributes have never improved all that much. He would need Superman level feats to take on Thor and that just isn’t happening. Thor has every physical advantage that there is and one good blow should finish this. Thor wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Bowser

This is one of those dicey matches. Mr Fantastic has a lot of good tech like his jets and his many Infinity Gauntlets, but I don’t see him taking Bowser down. Bowser has his Giga Bowser form and he has a lot of dark magic that he can use to enhance his attack power. He’s surprisingly quick when he needs to be and Mr Fantastic’s overwhelming edge in intellect won’t be enough to save him here. Bowser wins.

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Elongated Man vs Mr Fantastic

Elongated Man is out of his league in this round since Mr Fantastic possesses abilities that may be beyond comprehension to many mortals. The Elongated Man has similar abilities, but he doesn’t possess the intelligence to use them properly. Mr Fantastic has had decades of battles to help him master his abilities and he easily wins this round. Mr Fantastic wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Agent Bob

Agent Bob has his gun at the ready, but that won’t be enough to stop Mr Fantastic. Mr Fantastic can stretch and use his super abilities to his advantage. Agent Bob is an ordinary human so he just won’t be a match for Mr Fantastic’s impressive intellect. Mr Fantastic has taken on stronger opponents in the past and he shall win this round with decent ease. Mr Fantastic wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Ironman

Mr Fantastic is back, but he’s up against Ironman in this round! Ironman has his unibeam and with it he’s a pretty powerful opponent. Mr Fantastic may be a genius, but his attack power isn’t quite as high. It would appear that he loses this battle and drops down the ranks. Ironman wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Flatman

Mr Fantastic and Flatman are both pretty similar, but in the end Flatman’s just not as good. Plus Mr Fantastic has a lot of new equipment on his side. And Mr Fantastic has the Torch’s firepower and speed. I’m afraid Flatman’s doomed in this round, but at least he tried! Mr Fantastic wins.

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Franklin Richards vs Mr Fantastic

This was a pretty close match. Mr Fantastic has the powers of the Fantastic Four and Dr Doom’s armor. Franklin Richards has Galactus’s power and his Phoenix form. In the end he takes this because those powers are just hard to stop. Maybe Mr Fantastic will win next time. Franklin Richards wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Gumby

Mr Fantastic is a pretty smart guy and also has some pretty tough skills. In the Dr Doom body he has access to some extra strength and a lot of tech support. Gumby looks like he means buisness, but I don’t think he can take Mr Fantastic on. Mr Fantastic has taken on many opponents in the past and usually comes out on top. Mr Fantastic wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Dhalsim

Mr Fantastic can stretch pretty fast and far and has the abilities of the other members of the Fantastic Four. Of course Dhalsim can teleport and use fire so this could get dicey. In the end Mr Fantastic has the Human Torch’s speed which will win him the day. Mr Fantastic rises up the ranks with this win. Mr Fantastic wins.