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Aunt May vs Agent Bob

Aunt May is back and now she’s up against Agent Bob. This match is a little tricky since Aunt May was once bitten by a radioactive spider and gained superpowers. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to show a lot of her abilities and for now I’d give Agent Bob the edge. He’s pretty decent with a gun and while he’s not very brave, he can fight if necessary. Agent Bob wins.

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Agent Bob vs Robin

Agent Bob is back and now he’s up against Robin! Robin has a great deal of hand to hand combat skills and I don’t believe that Agent Bob would really stand a chance against him. Robin has beaten up on guys like Slade and Batman in the past so Agent Bob won’t really be able to keep up with his level of power. Robin wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Agent Bob

Agent Bob has his gun at the ready, but that won’t be enough to stop Mr Fantastic. Mr Fantastic can stretch and use his super abilities to his advantage. Agent Bob is an ordinary human so he just won’t be a match for Mr Fantastic’s impressive intellect. Mr Fantastic has taken on stronger opponents in the past and he shall win this round with decent ease. Mr Fantastic wins.

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Agent Bob vs Deadpool

You may not have heard of Agent Bob, but he’s met Deadpool in the past. They’ve teamed up several times and Agent Bob is not someone who should be taken lightly. That being said, Deadpool has the clear advantage in this battle. Deadpool is an expert hand to hand fighter and his unpredictability will prove to be deadly for Agent Bob. Agent Bob won’t be able to read his movements. Deadpool wins.