Godzilla vs Robin

Suggested by Destroyer Robin is a talented hand to hand fighter and he has a lot of gadgets. Despite being around for decades the guy hasn’t really gotten any big power ups that would put him above Godzilla. I like to think his agility would still give him an edge but ultimately he would fall to the King of the Kaiju. No escaping that Atomic Breath. Godzilla wins.

Asuka (Tekken) vs Robin

Suggested by iKnowledge Asuka is a very talented hand to hand fighter. In pure combat ability she may be able to give Robin a good run for his money although my money would still be on him to have the slight edge. Robin’s mainly got the advantage here because of how he’s gotten many power ups over the years (Although they’re pretty slight) and his many gadgets. Robin can use his explosive discs to great effect here and his boots being reinforced with steel doesn’t hurt either. Asuka can’t really afford to take many hits from him. Robin wins.

Robin vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans. Robin definitely looked pretty good here. He may not have won every fight, but he never lost his confidence and stood up to the bigger heroes time and time again. Nemo is used to standing up to bigger opponents as well, but he doesn’t have the combat skills needed to pull off a win. What Nemo needs is a bunch of gadgets, now that would put him back into the conversation. Robin wins.

Cottonmouth vs Robin


Suggested by iKnowledge Cottonmouth has returned to take on Robin. Cottonmouth appeared in Disk Wars which could amp up his speed and power, but I haven’t found any evidence to this being the case so for now I’d definitely take Robin to win. Robin would be able to overwhelm him in close quarters combat so Cotton’s famous mouth won’t be all that useful. A good bite is pointless if it’s not able to connect after all and it’ll be hard to tag Robin. Robin has too many gadgets at his disposal as well. Robin wins.

Robin vs Scar

Suggested by Destroyer Robin is a good crime fighter and he has certainly been putting villains through the ringer. That being said, Scar is certainly a lot faster than Robin and a single point of contact could mean death. Robin can throw some gadgets to buy himself some time but Scar will get through those and then it is really all over. No way Robin can dodge him long enough to take a win. Scar wins.

Hitomi Kanzaki vs Robin

This is a tribute to the Escaflowne movie as well as Batman Bad Blood. Hitomi looked really bad in the Escaflowne film although she had a lot of company there. Meanwhile, Nightwing did pretty good in Bad Blood as he took up the mantle and managed to fight on a level that was almost as high as Batman. He would easily be able to dodge Hitomi’s attacks and her mind games wouldn’t work on an opponent who is so sure of himself. The original Boy Wonder still has his skills. Robin wins.

Ramsay Bolton vs Robin

Suggested by Iknowledge Ramsay Bolton has returned, but he will find that Dick Grayson is no rookie. He was trained quite extensively by Batman. Bolton is no slouch in close quarters either, but he is nowhere near as quick or agile as Grayson. What also gives Robin an edge here is his large array of gadgets. Bolton has never faced technology this advanced and he wont be able to adapt in time. Even Robins cape which is stronger than Titanium may not shatter under Bolton’s sword. Thus, the equipment really helps to make the difference here, but Robin is also better trained. Robin wins.

Robin vs Mothra

Mothra _11_
Mothra is tough and while she doesn’t have the same physical strength that most of the Kaiju possess, she has a good amount of long range options. Mothra even has variations of herself like Mothra Leo, which amp up her attack power. Robin had a lot of gadgets, but they won’t really have an effect on this Kaiju. If Robin obtained many powers like Batman it could have been different, but that simply did not happen. Mothra wins.

Daffy vs Robin

Uh oh, this may look like a quick win for Robin, but is it? Daffy once got his GL Power Ring and that means that he actually is a little too powerful for Robin right now. Even Robin’s Nightwing form can’t stop that level of ability and he doesn’t have any big power ups that I know of. If any of you readers can think of one, be sure to drop me a line. Otherwise, Daffy’s going to take this chance to rise up the blog ranks. Daffy wins.

Ganondorf vs Robin

Robin may be a spy who has a lot of experience in hand to hand combat, but he would quickly be overpowered by Ganondorf. Ganondorf has dark magic at his side, but he’s also pretty good with a sword. A single strike would take Robin down and we’ve seen how Deathstroke accomplishes this. Ganondorf is like Deathstroke and he’s even stronger when it comes to physical strength. Robin just doesn’t stand a chance. Ganondorf wins.