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Daffy vs Robin

Uh oh, this may look like a quick win for Robin, but is it? Daffy once got his GL Power Ring and that means that he actually is a little too powerful for Robin right now. Even Robin’s Nightwing form can’t stop that level of ability and he doesn’t have any big power ups that I know of. If any of you readers can think of one, be sure to drop me a line. Otherwise, Daffy’s going to take this chance to rise up the blog ranks. Daffy wins.

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Blue Beetle vs Daffy

Blue Beetle makes his blog debut and he’s up against Daffy! Daffy may have some pretty intense powers at his disposal, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down someone like Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle has his sonic cannon and he’s pretty fast when he needs to be. Daffy takes a hard loss in this round. Blue Beetle wins.