Blue Beetle vs Gmerl

Suggested by Sonic Blue Beetle is a powerful fighter with a lot of tech at his disposal but ultimately that’s not going to scare off Gmerl. Gmerl has fought with the likes of Super Sonic in the past. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that he could take on Emerl, Gmerl should have enough left in the tank to beat this guy. His defenses will leave most of Blue Beetle’s attacks to be moot. Gmerl wins.

Captain Atom vs Blue Beetle

Suggested by Sonic Captain Atom and Blue Beetle are both very versatile fighters who can fly, shoot energy blasts, and have super strength. This is a pretty even battle but where Atom ultimately has the edge is his degree of super strength. He’s able to go up against Superman hand to hand. Blue Beetle’s speed should keep him in this and his energy blasts will deal some good damage but the sheer power behind each of Atom’s attacks will definitely add up. Captain Atom wins.

Bass vs Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle #1 - Page 20
Blue Beetle is back and now he’s up against the incredible Bass! Bass is so powerful that there doesn’t seem to be a single being capable of defeating him. Bass has speed beyond belief and his destructive power is also intense. One Earthbreaker should end this match once and for all. Bass wins.

Batmite vs Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is back and now he’s up against Batmite! Batmite may be a powerful guy, but in the end he lacks the skills that Blue Beetle has. Blue Beetle just needs one good energy blast to take down Batmite for good. Batmite drops down the ranks with this loss, but he tried. Blue Beetle wins.

Blue Beetle vs Daffy

Blue Beetle makes his blog debut and he’s up against Daffy! Daffy may have some pretty intense powers at his disposal, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down someone like Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle has his sonic cannon and he’s pretty fast when he needs to be. Daffy takes a hard loss in this round. Blue Beetle wins.