Blue Beetle vs Gmerl

Suggested by Sonic Blue Beetle is a powerful fighter with a lot of tech at his disposal but ultimately that’s not going to scare off Gmerl. Gmerl has fought with the likes of Super Sonic in the past. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that he could take on Emerl, Gmerl should have enough left in the tank to beat this guy. His defenses will leave most of Blue Beetle’s attacks to be moot. Gmerl wins.

Gmerl vs Gregar

Suggested by Sonic Gmerl is strong but was never as impressive as Emerl. He has some decent energy abilities and some speed but in this case Gregar’s pure power would be enough to overwhelm him. Gregar may have a rep for always losing since Megaman tends to beat him up but the guy is still powerful in his own right and won’t go down easy. Gregar wins.

Flatman vs Gmerl

Suggested by Destroyer Flatman doesn’t really have a shot here. I know that’s not how you usually want a fight description to go, but Gmerl is just way too powerful. He’s got super speed and strength at his disposal. Both of those traits are already a whole lot more than what Flatman has going for him. I would say that Flatman at least has experience, but he really doesn’t have a whole lot of that either. I think he’s just completely outmatched here. Gmerl wins.