Emerl vs Skullman

Suggested by Destroyer Skullman and Emerl are both very fast fighters, but Emerl ultimately has better attack power and defensive abilities. He would be able to seal the edge and his advantage would grow more and more as the fight goes on. Skullman just isn’t built for a long battle the way that Emerl is. He wouldn’t be able to stay in the fight long enough. His fight with Meganman was impressive but he would need something more. Emerl wins.

Redips vs Emerl

Suggested by Sonic Emerl has a lot of different abilities that he has stockpiled over the years. This makes him a difficult opponent to take down, but Redips is the man for the job. His durability is enough to negate almost all of Emerl’s attacks. His offensive range is also great so even with Emerl’s speed he will have a tough time dodging for very long. Redips wins.

Victini vs Emerl

Suggested by Anonymous Victini is a pretty powerful Pokemon who is particularly great in a team context. He can power up his allies to new heights. On his own he is a decent fighter as well, but not quite ready to take on Emerl. Emerl has copied many abilities in the past which includes Sonic’s speed and Shadow’s chaos abilities. By the end of the game he was an incredibly powerful threat and one that Victini isn’t quite ready for yet. Victini will put up an admirable fight, but it won’t be enough. Emerl wins.

Janemba vs Emerl

Janemba 1
Janemba is extremely powerful, but in the end can he defeat Emerl? Emerl is pretty fast and he’s also known for his power. Still, Janemba did hold his own against the legendary Goku and even took on Vegeta. Janemba definitely won’t be losing in this round and he rises up the blog ranks with this win. Janemba wins.

Emerl vs Solaris

Solaris is back and this time he’s up against Emerl! Emerl is extremely fast and powerful. With one punch he can do some massive damage! He has the abilities of Sonic and Shadow plus many others. Solaris can shoot giant lasers, but Emerl has high speed recovery. Taking him down is tough stuff. Emerl wins.

Metal Sonic vs Emerl

Emerl is a gizoid created by Dr Eggman not robotnik. Emerl can copy the power and skills of any opponent…but so can Metal Sonic. So they’d be fighting at about the same power. Metal Sonic could still transform and beat Emerl before he can copy it. Metal Sonic wins.