Gravityman vs Sigma

Suggested by Sonic Gravityman has some powerful gravity abilities which makes up for him not being all that fast. He is strong enough to pin both Protoman and Megaman after all. That being said, he won’t be able to keep up with the fierce attacks from Sigma. Sigma has enough durability to withstand the gravity for a little while. Meanwhile his superior strength and weaponry will win him the day. Sigma wins.

Gravityman vs Cosmoman

Gravityman is a pretty powerful darkloid and one of the coolest members. His gravity abilities are immensely lethal and he took on the combined forces of Megaman and Protoman. Cosmoman is more of a close range fighter, but since he took on Colonel in a sword fight, he’s definitely dangerous. I think that he will be able to take the win in this round. Cosmoman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Gravityman

Gemini Saga is back and now he’s up against the powerful Gravityman. Gravityman has some really intense gravity abilities, but he doesn’t have that much in the way of attack power. Eventually Gemini Saga could get through the gravity and take Gravityman down. Gemini Saga wins.

Gravityman vs Tsuna

Gravityman has his gravity drives, but Tsuna’s speed will help him dodge. Also the gravity may be powerful, but if Tsuna’s going at top speed the momentum should get him across safely. Gravityman is powerful, but speed is something he’s severly lacking. Tsuna could fly rings around him. Tsuna wins.