Captain Kirk vs Pink Crusher Militaryman

Suggested by Destroyer the Pink Crusher Militaryman may not be known as one of the more powerful Megaman fighters but he was tough enough to actually make it far enough in the exhibition setting to fight Megaman. He’s got a decent amount of power at his disposal as well. Kirk’s energy blaster likely won’t be doing a whole lot of damage to this guy and he’s not fast enough to dodge the navi’s attacks for long. Pink Crusher Militaryman wins.

Pac Man vs Pink Crusher Militaryman

Suggested by Destroyer The Pink Crusher Militaryman is one of those netnavi fighters who talks a good game but never really backs it up. The guy couldn’t do almost anything against Megaman. His attacks are very linear and that won’t be good against the Pac. Pac Man has a lot of different elemental attacks thanks to the ghostly adventures. His super forms are numerous and they will be enough to win here as Pac Man will dominate with speed and tactics. Pac Man wins.

Pink Crusher Militaryman vs Green Crusher Militaryman

Pink Crusher Militaryman has been going through his matches better than expected. But now he’s fighting Green Crusher Militaryman. Green Crusher Militaryman has shockwaves that go through rock cubes. Green Crusher Militaryman wins.

Pink Crusher Militaryman vs Rocketman

Pink Crusher Militaryman has rock cubes that can beat Rocketman if they were to hit him. Sadly for him they won’t. In fact they might not even touch him. Rocketman’s rockets could blow them up. Rocketman wins.

Pink Crusher Militaryman vs Jammingman

Jammingman is a type of virus with illusions that could fool anybody. Pink Crusher Militaryman’s rock cubes might penetrate the illusion, but Jammingman’s thunder powers would beat him first. Jammingman wins.