Blasterman vs Shredder

The Shredder is a powerful combatant and his thunder sword makes him a menace in close combat as well. That being said, Blasterman has the edge here. His super armor will protect him against the Shredder’s attacks. The Shredder will be able to dodge Blasterman’s attacks for quite a while, but eventually he will falter and be defeated. The Shredder just can’t pierce this kind of defense! Blasterman wins.

Blasterman vs Palkia

Blasterman is a pretty tricky villain and his bombs can do some real damage. His golden armor technique can be a little tricky, but Palkia should be able to blast right through it using his stronger abilities. His slashes are devastating and his speed is good enough to help him dodge Blasterman’s counters. Blasterman is simply outmatched in this battle. Palkia wins.

Gemini Saga vs Blasterman

Blasterman can be a real blast, but in the end he’s not strong enough to defeat Gemini Saga! Gemini Saga has taken on stronger foes and won before, so this will be a breeze for him. I never found Blasterman too impressive, He lacks hand to hand and his speed isn’t too great. Gemini Saga wins.

Blasterman vs Protoman

Blasterman is a quick navi and with his bombs he’s definitely a threat. Of course Protoman’s a lot faster and with one good slash even Blasterman would fall. He’s just not nearly as good as Protoman at fighting. Blasterman drops down the ranks with this loss while Protoman goes higher. Protoman wins.

Black War Greymon vs Blasterman

Black War Greymon is a mega level digimon who can shoot giant energy balls that have the power to destroy a lot. Blasterman was never the best fighting navi and can’t take on the power of Black War Greymon. Black War Greymon wins.

Blasterman vs Ansem

Blasterman can throw bombs around for all the good it’ll do. He can’t take on the power of Ansem. None of Blasterman’s attacks would get through Ansem’s dark beast. After that The Beast would just grab Blasterman and take him out without Ansem having to lift a finger. Ansem wins.