Freddy Krueger vs Cutman

Suggested by Sonic I was never particularly impressed with Cutman exe. Personally from all of the big battle network villains he may be the least impressive as every other new version from the classic Mega Man 1 roster got a lot of hype. Still, he has just enough skills to win this fight. His boomerangs will quickly disarm Freddy, possibly literally. Freddy doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Cutman, nor the sheer technique to come out ahead either. At the end of the day his abilities are just too limited and regeneration will only buy him time. Cutman wins.

Marth vs Cutman

Suggested by Destroyer Marth is a hardened warrior who has taken down whole armies. While Cutman’s cutters may prove to be troublesome, I’m confident that Marth could block and parry them for quite a while. He’s too skilled to lose this round. His raw power is simply too great and he’s also a better strategy leader. When you’ve got the lead in both categories like that there’s no way you can lose. Marth wins.

Cutman vs Gamera

Cutman is a pretty tricky netnavi even if he isn’t one of the strongest ones out there. His cutting attacks won’t do much to Gamera at first, but the hits will certainly take their toll. Gamera wouldn’t be able to hit Cutman because the guy is simply too fast. So, this battle would be a stalemate for quite a while, but then it would be gamer over for the Kaiju. Cutman wins.