Turboman vs Elec Man

Suggested by Sonic It’s rare for a classic Mega Man character to take out an EXE fighter but that’s what we’ve got here. Elec Man is one of the original robot masters and fortunately for him that means he got to be in the Mega Mix series where everyone got really buffed. Turboman has a good amount of speed and some decent techniques but nothing which would actually let him win this fight. Elec Man can match his speed and his electricity will just be way too difficult to get past. Elec Man wins.

King Dedede vs Turboman

Suggested by Sonic I’m not really sold on Turboman but I’d have to say the same thing about King Dedede. Dedede is big and strong but I wouldn’t say that he is particularly fast. He will have a hard time landing blows here. Turboman meanwhile will be able to keep on barreling into King Dedede until the match is won. Dedede has had his powers amplified several times over the years but this just won’t be enough to win. At the end of the day you need more than raw power and Dedede just doesn’t have enough of those attributes to claim victory. Turboman wins.