The BioLizard vs Hatman

Suggested by Destroyer Hatman has some tricks up his sleeve as well as a powerful sword swing but I don’t think that’s going to be enough here. I have my doubts on if the sword can break through The BioLizard’s barrier. Additionally, Hatman hasn’t displayed the level of speed needed to dodge all of the lasers that The BioLizard can dish out at will. Due to this, the difference in their combat abilities is just too great to overcome. The BioLizard wins.

Bowser Jr vs Hatman

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr has his paint brush to change shapes as well as a few gadgets like his Clown Car. Those won’t do much against Hatman though. The main issue is that Hatman has a sword at the ready which is easily better than the brush. He can use this technique to just slice away at all of Jr’s defenses until the guy goes down. I don’t see Bowser Jr really being able to do much to stand up against him since all of his attacks are either too slow or too weak. Hatman wins.

Swordman vs Hatman

Suggested by Destroyer Hatman has some decent magic tricks at his disposal but I wouldn’t say that he is much of a fighter. His card attacks are quite sharp and if they land you may not be able to get up. Swordman is a perfect counter to this though as he can just slash the cards away. It’ll be very difficult to land a hit on him while Swordman will be able to close the gap rather quickly. The difference in their abilities is too great. Swordman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Hatman

Gemini Saga is back and this time he’s fighting Hatman! Hatman may have some magic up his sleeve, but it won’t be enough in this battle! Gemini Saga can blow up whole planets and galaxies in a single blast! Hatman just doesn’t have that kind of fire power. He drops down the ranks with this loss. Gemini Saga wins.

Hatman vs Android 18

Android 18 has enough Z power to destroy worlds in a single blast. Hatman could never dream of doing such a thing. It makes you feel sad for him in a way. He never had a chance against an Elite like Android 18. Hatman takes the loss, but he’ll be back….one day. Android 18 rises in the blog rankings. Android 18 wins.