Android 18 vs Faker

Faker is fast and powerful but she’s not quite ready to take on this android just yet. Android 18’s power is in a completely different league as she could end the planet in an instant. Faker’s sword will have a hard time dealing any damage and the speed advantage is no small thing either. There’s no path to victory here. Android 18 wins.

Icey vs Android 18

Icey returns for another battle but this time she’s up against an Android who can end whole planets. Icey may be skilled, but I can’t think of any way she could get off the planet in time to avoid such a blast. Additionally, she would not be able to keep up with Android 18’s sheer speed or firepower. That’s ultimately what will make the difference here. Icey is simply outmatched and there’s not much she can do to even the odds. When you’re up against a DBZ character usually the only thing you can do is concede defeat. Android 18 wins.

Android 18 vs Robin (Tim)

Android 18 is back and I’m afraid that Tim Drake has no chance against her. He’s an exceptional fighter in hand to hand combat, but that isn’t enough against a foe who can destroy whole planets. Android 18 is much faster than Robin and she has a lot of good techniques at her disposal. Tim will be lucky to get out of there alive! Android 18 wins.

Android 18 vs Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is a pretty scary fellow, but Android 18 could definitely defeat him with minimal effort. A hockey mask isn’t enough to defeat a fighter who can blow up whole planets and Android 18’s speed is on a different level. Jason is infamously difficult to destroy, but that won’t be a problem for Android 18. His reign is over. Android 18 wins.

Android 18 vs Diano

This match wasn’t quite as difficult as the last two once I had completed them, but it was still a tricky match all the same. Android 18 can easily blow up planets and her speed is at a high level so it will be tough for Diano to challenge her. I am confident that Diano could easily planet bust as well and her speed shouldn’t be underestimated, but Android 18 is simply the stronger fighter. Taking on Super Saiyan Vegeta is already a pretty incredible feat on its own. Android 18 will be able to claim victory in this round and rise up the blog ranks. Android 18 wins.

Elementman vs Android 18

Elementman has control over the elements and he’s a tough fighter, but he won’t be able to take Android 18 down. Android 18 could blow up the planet and end things in an instant or she could just take Elementman out with a punch. Elementman hasn’t fought in a while and he may want to take another long break after this round. Android 18 wins.

Android 18 vs Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman may be skilled, but in the end she doesn’t have enough power to defeat Android 18. Android 18 has enough power to destroy whole planets in a single blast. Invisible Woman doesn’t have that kind of power. Android 18 is also much faster and her energy blasts could take down Invisible Woman. Android 18 wins.

Ann Zap vs Android 18

Android 18 is back for a win. Ann Zap may be powerful, but even with Elecman it may not be enough. Android 18 has her energy blasts that do heavy duty damage. Ann Zap may have fallen down the rankings, but at least she’ll be remembered. Things may be looking up for Android 18 from here on. Android 18 wins.

Vegeta vs Android 18

Android 18 and Vegeta fought in one of the best DBZ battles. Android 18 put up a brave fight, but we all knew who would win in the end. Vegeta is a super saiyan and has enough battle experience to last several lifetimes.

Android 18 is tough, but in the end she’s not quite at Vegeta’s level. She couldn’t handle Acended SSJ much less SSJ4. Vegeta is the strongest character in all of media and it comes as no surprise that he wins this match. Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans!!! Vegeta wins.

Hatman vs Android 18

Android 18 has enough Z power to destroy worlds in a single blast. Hatman could never dream of doing such a thing. It makes you feel sad for him in a way. He never had a chance against an Elite like Android 18. Hatman takes the loss, but he’ll be back….one day. Android 18 rises in the blog rankings. Android 18 wins.