Princess Pride vs Ann Zap

Suggested by Sonic Ann Zap is a pretty fun character and she does have Elecman at the ready. While I would take Elecman over Knightman any day, crossfusion really helps to give you a boost. Since Ann Zap has that at the ready I really can’t picture her losing this fight. Princess Pride will be able to outrank Ann in both speed and power. Elecman will do his best to defend Ann but it just won’t be enough. Princess Pride wins.

Ann Zap vs Android 18

Android 18 is back for a win. Ann Zap may be powerful, but even with Elecman it may not be enough. Android 18 has her energy blasts that do heavy duty damage. Ann Zap may have fallen down the rankings, but at least she’ll be remembered. Things may be looking up for Android 18 from here on. Android 18 wins.

Ann Zap vs Aunt May

Aunt May may be a strong character, but she lacks the netnavi that Ann Zap has. Netnavies make all the difference in this sort of fight and that’s why Ann Zap takes home the win. Aunt May takes a loss and drops down the blog rankings. One day maybe she’ll be back. Ann Zap wins.