Princess Pride vs Ann Zap

Suggested by Sonic Ann Zap is a pretty fun character and she does have Elecman at the ready. While I would take Elecman over Knightman any day, crossfusion really helps to give you a boost. Since Ann Zap has that at the ready I really can’t picture her losing this fight. Princess Pride will be able to outrank Ann in both speed and power. Elecman will do his best to defend Ann but it just won’t be enough. Princess Pride wins.

Princess Pride vs Miss Yuri

Princess Pride is back, but she’s not quite as tough as Miss Yuri. Miss Yuri’s cross fusion is stronger and faster. Princess Pride may be rich, but money can’t save her now. She drops in the blog ranks after this loss, but maybe she’ll be back soon. Miss Yuri rises with this win. Miss Yuri wins.

Princess Pride vs Ribitta

Princess Pride has Knightman. A strong navi with a sense of justice. Of course he lacks the power of Toadman. To make up for this he has Crossfusion, which evens up the playingfield. Ribitta is not much of a fighter and wouldn’t last against Crossfusion. Ribitta takes a loss in this match. Princess Pride wins.

Bass vs Princess Pride

Princess Pride has Knightman at her side, but he’s not enough. Bass is a being who could defeat Knightman in a single blow and Princess Pride would get hit by the energy left over. Princess Pride doesn’t have the skills to go up against Bass. Bass wins.