King Ghidorah vs Ribitta

Suggested by Destroyer This is a pretty interesting match because on one hand, it’s fair to say that Toadman could potentially defeat Ghidorah. On the other hand, it would take a very long time and be one of those hit and run tactic battles which is a lot more difficult when you have to try and protect someone. Keeping Ribitta out of harm’s way and trying to land the victory will be too much. A stray hit will eventually make its way to Rbitta and at that point it is curtains for her. King Ghidorah wins.

Princess Pride vs Ribitta

Princess Pride has Knightman. A strong navi with a sense of justice. Of course he lacks the power of Toadman. To make up for this he has Crossfusion, which evens up the playingfield. Ribitta is not much of a fighter and wouldn’t last against Crossfusion. Ribitta takes a loss in this match. Princess Pride wins.