King Ghidorah vs Ribitta

Suggested by Destroyer This is a pretty interesting match because on one hand, it’s fair to say that Toadman could potentially defeat Ghidorah. On the other hand, it would take a very long time and be one of those hit and run tactic battles which is a lot more difficult when you have to try and protect someone. Keeping Ribitta out of harm’s way and trying to land the victory will be too much. A stray hit will eventually make its way to Rbitta and at that point it is curtains for her. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Orphan Maker

Suggested by Destroyer Now this is an opponent that King Ghidorah is going to have a lot of trouble with. Orphan Maker is fast and has an incredibly powerful suit on that can stop most attacks. Throw in his energy gun + super strength and Orphan Maker has all of the tools needed to take Ghidorah down. This Kaiju won’t be able to keep up with him and the hits are going to quickly add up. Orphan Maker wins.

King Ghidorah vs Hammer Head

Suggested by Destroyer Hammer Head is reasonably strong but he has no main long range abilities which is what hurts him here. In a battle against a Kaiju, having speed and long range options is always your best bet at victory. Without either of those attributes then simple strength is not going to cut it. I don’t see Hammer Head being able to do a whole lot here and while he is durable, he would eventually go down to those energy blasts. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Medusa

Suggested by Destroyer Medusa can turn people into stone but that’ll be difficult against such a large opponent. Ghidorah is strong enough to break through that. Some incarnations also have a bow and arrow that she can use which can be dangerous but Ghidorah’s lasers will take care of that. Ultimately this is a fight that he can win through sheer power and Medusa is never particularly fast so she will have a tough time here. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Edward (Twilight)

Suggested by Destroyer Edward is fast so he could potentially land some blows here but ultimately his physical strength really isn’t all that. He generally has trouble with most of his opponents and will have a hard time breaking through Ghidorah’s defenses. Perhaps it’s possible that the damage would add up eventually but not before Ghidorah is able to land a blow of his own and take the guy down. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Wackoman

Suggested by Destroyer King Ghidorah is one of the more powerful Kaijus out there. With a single blast he can take many opponents down. It’ll be difficult to tag a fighter as quick and unpredictable as Wackoman though. Wackoman will manage to stay a step ahead with his various elemental moves here and body slams. Ghidorah will need to stay on the defensive but his durability can only buy him so much time. Wackoman wins.

King Ghidorah vs Mad Hatter

Suggested by Destroyer King Ghidorah is a powerful Kaiju. With a single energy blast he can really send everyone packing. Mad Hatter has a lot of little gizmos and tricks up his sleeve but none of them are a match for Ghidorah. King Ghidorah is known as an absolute monster in combat after all and is just in a different weight class. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Iruka

Suggested by Destroyer Iruka is a nice guy. He was one of the first Shinobi in the Hidden Lead Village to stand up for Naruto and actually protect him when it counted. Unfortunately he is also known as one of the weakest Shnobi around. The guy has no real techniques outside of throwing Shuriken around. That’s not going to cut it against King Ghidorah who wouldn’t be phased by such weapons. In the end I have to say that while Iruka could dodge Ghidorah for a long time there is ultimately no way for him to even injure the Kaiju. That means it is curtains for him. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Olimar

Suggested by Destroyer Olimar has a lot of Pikmin and he’s gone on his fair share of adventures over the years. That being said, he’s not quite ready for a Kaiju yet. Even if you ignore the size difference here, Ghidorah has the superior firepower at his disposal. Olimar can’t keep up with Ghidorah at all really and would quickly begin to falter. The difference in ability is just too great and Olimar doesn’t have the tactical expertise needed to make up the difference. King Ghidorah wins.

King Ghidorah vs Ms Claus

Suggested by Destroyer Ms Claus seems like a pretty nice character. She’s always there to support Santa and certainly wouldn’t try to avoid this fight. She can take on an opponent if need be, but asking her to defeat someone like King Ghidorah is going overboard a bit. This guy’s even taken down Godzilla in a fair battle back in the day. His raw power is incredible and then you’ve also got to compensate for the fact that he can fire off multiple energy blasts as well. King Ghidorah wins.