Pac Man vs Mad Hatter

Suggested by Destroyer The Mad Hatter is a true trickster but he’s not going to be doing much against Pac Man. Pac Man can chomp the guy up while in his large form or just overwhelm him with pure projectiles. Mad Hatter doesn’t have any attacks that can break through Pac Man’s abilities either which puts him at even more of a disadvantage. After a point there just isn’t much you can do against that kind of power. Pac Man wins.

Inspector Gadget vs Mad Hatter

Suggested by Destroyer The Mad Hatter has never impressed me all that much. The guy has a gun and genius level intellect but he just isn’t much of a fighter. Inspector Gadget is at least in the field all the time and has developed a lot of gadgets. I would trust him in a fight way more than the Mad Hatter and his boxing glove and hammers would do the trick. He won’t get fooled by Hatter’s trickery. Inspector Gadget wins.

King Ghidorah vs Mad Hatter

Suggested by Destroyer King Ghidorah is a powerful Kaiju. With a single energy blast he can really send everyone packing. Mad Hatter has a lot of little gizmos and tricks up his sleeve but none of them are a match for Ghidorah. King Ghidorah is known as an absolute monster in combat after all and is just in a different weight class. King Ghidorah wins.

Mad Hatter vs Vegeta

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and he’s not to be denied. One good blast from him would take down the Mad Hatter in an instant! The Mad Hatter couldn’t hope to endure such a blast and would probably go down right away. Vegeta does have his super saiyan mode to help things out. Vegeta wins.

Mad Hatter vs Sasuke

The Mad Hatter is as tricky as ever! Still, he won’t be able to defeat this Uchiha. If Sasuke had gotten the powers of the super saiyan, then this match would be even more of a blowout. Still, the important thing is that the Mad Hatter put up a good try. Sasuke wins.

Mad Hatter vs Goku

Goku is here and now he’s up against the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter is definitely tricky and he’s always ready for a good win. Still, Goku won’t even need his super saiyan powers to defeat him. The Mad Hatter is definitely out of his league in this round, but he will be back. Goku wins.

Mad Hatter vs Batman

The Mad Hatter is back and now he’s up against Gotham’s greatest detective! Batman’s fought many characters and he’s always found a way to win in the past. Hopefully this time he can show the world his true power. Mad Hatter just doesn’t have a shot against the caped crusader. Batman wins.

Clover vs Mad Hatter

Well Clover is back and after back to back losses he’s definitely aiming to win this match. Luckily he does, because losing wasn’t an option for him anymore. Mad Hatter is just not strong enough to take down Clover once and for all. Clover wins this match. Clover wins.

Lazerman vs Mad Hatter

Well the Mad Hatter can’t begin to fight Lazerman. Lazerman is just too powerful to lose to him. Mad Hatter is a villain who tried again and again to be a serious threat but I fear he will never be taken seriously. Mad Hatter just isn’t tough enough. Lazerman wins.