King Ghidorah vs Mad Hatter

Suggested by Destroyer King Ghidorah is a powerful Kaiju. With a single energy blast he can really send everyone packing. Mad Hatter has a lot of little gizmos and tricks up his sleeve but none of them are a match for Ghidorah. King Ghidorah is known as an absolute monster in combat after all and is just in a different weight class. King Ghidorah wins.

2 thoughts on “King Ghidorah vs Mad Hatter

  1. This must be sort of joke. What’ll be next, Sir Gaheris (Arthurian Myth) vs. Darth Baras? Joseph Longstreet’s army in the Civil War vs. The Culture (Ian M. Banks)? Tarzan vs. Pennywise in his true form? Noel (MMPP) vs. Imperiex (DC Comics)?/s.

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