Pac Man vs Baby Doll

Suggested by Destroyer Baby Doll is a fairly creepy villain who will do whatever it takes to claim victory. It just won’t be enough against a fighter as skilled as Pac Man. Pac Man has elemental abilities, size manipulation, super strength, and a whole lot of other special abilities. You’re just not going to beat an opponent like that without an array of crispy abilities of your own. Baby Doll just doesn’t have those. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Space Dandy

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy’s gun skills are really not going to be enough to cause the Pac Man any concern. Pac Man has elemental abilities over fire, ice, and several other elements. He can break Dandy’s gun in a lot of different ways and that would be it for the guy. Dandy just doesn’t have any way to come out on top here and running is his best chance to at least stall the match. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Oolong

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is a strong fighter who has a lot of different forms at his disposal. It won’t be easy for Oolong to try and trick him with shapeshifting either. So at that point Oolong has lost his main advantage here. In a close quarters combat fight, Pac Man has the massive edge as well. Oolong desperately needs a big power up if he wants to go any further here but for now this is a big loss. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs U.S. Agent

Suggested by Destroyer The U.S. Agent is a fairly tough guy but there really isn’t much to him beyond some basic super strength and speed. He really wouldn’t be able to close the distance against Pac Man. Pac Man just has way too many forms and techniques at his disposal to be taken down easily. U.S. Agent’s shield will block the fire and ice but it can’t stop the sheer might of golden Pac-Man. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Squid

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is in for a pretty good matchup here since his long range options are an excellent counter to the Squid’s close combat style. The Squid isn’t particularly fast so Pac Man should have no problem weaving his way in and out of range the whole time. No matter what the Squid does, Pac Man will have an answer for it. That’s why you can’t underestimate this guy. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Green Crusher Militaryman

Suggested by Destroyer Green Crusher Militaryman won’t fair much better than the Pink one in this battle. Pac Man still has a solid advantage in agility and his array of moves. He can use a lot of different techniques to bring the Crusher down. This Militaryman isn’t ready to handle such a versatile fighter. Pac Man has been taking ghosts down for years and as a Navi is cybernetic, you could make the case that data is like a ghost. Pac Man won’t feel out of his element here. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Pink Crusher Militaryman

Suggested by Destroyer The Pink Crusher Militaryman is one of those netnavi fighters who talks a good game but never really backs it up. The guy couldn’t do almost anything against Megaman. His attacks are very linear and that won’t be good against the Pac. Pac Man has a lot of different elemental attacks thanks to the ghostly adventures. His super forms are numerous and they will be enough to win here as Pac Man will dominate with speed and tactics. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Thumbelina (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina is a nice kid, but she is not ready to win a fight like this. For starters she is too small for her physical attacks to deal any real damage. Second off, Pac-Man is designed to face off against enemies from long range. He can fly into the sky and rain down a series of attacks on her. There would be no escape from them and she has no defensive abilities. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer A Python is a pretty cool snake. It just looks really cool and that also makes it a good inspiration to a lot of film writers so you tend to see it used from time to time. I’m sure there’s a film about a giant Python somewhere but even with that it wouldn’t be able to stop someone like Pac Man. His long range throws are the perfect counter here. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice enough kid who is always trying his best to help out and make it through a pretty scary situation. That being said, he really isn’t a fighter so it’s not like he has a great chance of winning this match. Pac Man’s been fighting off ghosts and other monsters for years. This will be just another fight for him. All he needs is one combo. Pac Man wins.