Andromeda vs Stilt Man

Suggested by Destroyer Stilt Man is a pretty cool villain. I’ve never read a comic with him myself but how can you not like the concept of a guy using robotic stilts to fight off the heroes? Andromeda may be amused for an instant but it won’t make a real difference in the fight. Andromeda is still way more powerful than Stilt Man and has the energy blasts to prove it. A single shot should be enough to take Stilt Man down for the count. Andromeda wins.

Black Manta vs Stilt Man

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta has returned and now he is up against the classic Stilt Man. Stilt Man has defeated Goliath back in the day and taken on powerful foes like Thor and She Hulk so we shouldn’t underestimate him. That being said, he is not quite ready to take down Black Manta. For one thing, Stilt Man’s suit is rather limited and doesn’t give him a lot of speed. Manta can take advantage of this with run and gun techniques. His lasers will also take their toll on this villain. Black Manta wins.