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Helmaroc King vs Mr Saturn

Suggested by Destroyer The Helmaroc King is a cool Legend of Zelda villain and definitely one of the best ones from back in the day. I always liked his design and the bird can fight. Mr Saturn will have to try and run away very quickly because there is really no way he is going to be able to stand up to this King and hope for a win. It’s just not going to happen. One bite is all the King needs to win. Helmaroc King wins.

Battles, Helmaroc King Battles, Toon Link Battles

Toon Link vs Helmaroc King

The Helmaroc King was always a pretty intense boss. He made the other guys look like toothpicks! The Helmaroc King is pretty awesome, but he can’t win them all. Toon Link has his bombs and they can distract the Helmaroc King while he uses his ice arrow to freeze him. The Helmaroc King can’t stand up to all of those weapons! Toon Link wins.