Toon Link vs Skullman

Suggested by Sonic Toon Link has a lot of gadgets and weapons at his disposal but ultimately he’s going to be out of luck here because Skullman is just too fast. He can dodge Toon Link’s attacks simply by outrunning them and while his attack power isn’t particularly impressive, the hits will add up. Skullman wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for Duck Hunt to show the world what he is made of. He’s a pretty tough little guy who has been through his share of fights. That being said, he doesn’t have the practical experience that Toon Link possesses. Toon Link has gone up against Ganondorf in the past and has quite a lot of weapons up his sleeve. I don’t see what Duck Hunt could hope to do against such a foe and a quick volley of arrows should be enough to win this battle. Toon Link wins.

Toon Link vs Bowser

Suggested by Sonic Bowser is a very strong villain and he’s shown great feats for his power many times in the past. Strength alone isn’t enough to stop this hero though. Toon Link has dealt with some of the strongest forces in the universe and he’s always made it out oka. Bowser won’t scare the kid and Toon Link can block all of his flame attacks with ease thanks to his miracle shield. There’s just nothing in King Koopa’s arsenal that can stop him. Toon Link wins.

Cucco vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Cucco to make his debut! These little birds are definitely very strong when there are a lot of them running around, but a single Cucco isn’t enough to stop this kid. Toon Link has a large array of weapons and skills at his disposal. He can easily stop just about any threat with ease. That’s why he was worthy of the Triforce. This won’t be an issue for him. Toon Link wins.

Meta Knight vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic Meta Knight is a good swordsman, but he isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Toon Link. Toon Link has his own version of the Master Sword after all and he could block as many of Meta Knight’s attacks as necessary. He also has a whole slew of other weapons at his disposal with which he can claim the advantage and begin to take the upper hand in this fight. Meta Knight won’t have an answer for these attacks. Toon Link wins.

Toon Link vs Piranha Plant

Suggested by Sonic Toon Link is a strong warrior. While he may have just started out as a kid, he proved that his skills were the real deal when he took on Ganon. Piranha Plant has some reasonable speed and good projectiles, but Toon Link’s mirror shield will simply reflect those attacks. He can get in close and swing away or end things with a light arrow. Either way the Piranha Plant is simply outmatched in this fight. Toon Link wins.

Spirit (Horse) vs Toon Link

Suggested by Destroyer Spirit is King of his herd and a pretty strong Horse to be honest. He has a lot of spunk and raw power. That being said, I think he is a little outmatched against Toon Link here. Toon Link knows how to handle a horse and he has a bunch of armor/shields to protect himself with. Spirit won’t be able to cause any real damage and I fear that he doesn’t have the durability to stop Toon Link’s hammer either. It’s really just a question of how long it will take this kid to win. Toon Link wins.

Daisy vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic Daisy is back and she’s ready to rumble. Unfortunately for her this match will go in just about the same way as her last fight. Toon Link has many of the same attack options as Link. While he isn’t quite as formidable the gap isn’t all that large. Daisy is simply outmatched in speed as well as strength. I don’t think she would be able to last more than a few minutes, but at the very least she won’t be giving up. Daisy never goes down easy. Toon Link wins.

Jigglypuff vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic Jigglypuff is back, but can she win this one? It’s actually a closer fight than you may expect upon seeing this match from the start. Jigglypuff does have a lot of good attacks and an evolved form as well. That being said, Toon Link has his light arrows and a bunch of other attack options. I think his shield will help him block most of Puff’s attacks and he will narrowly be able to escape defeat. His weapons served him well here. Toon Link wins.

Toon Link vs Blizzard

maxresdefault (5)
Suggested by Destroyer Toon Link has returned and now he is up against one of Iron-Man’s classic opponents. Despite being a rather well known character, Blizzard has never really done a whole lot with himself over the years. He’s gotten more proficient with his ice, but not to a huge degree. Toon Link’s light arrows should still be more than a match for him and his bombs will also help deter the villain. Blizzard just can’t keep up with such a versatile fighter. Toon Link wins.