Palutena vs Daisy

Suggested by Jean Palutena is a goddess who can shoot giant rays of energy. She can fly and possesses super speed as well as the ability to generate explosions out of thin air. Daisy is fast and athletic but she doesn’t have a whole lot of supernatural powers that she can use to counter Palutena. This is what will really come back to bite her here. Daisy needs to get up close in order to dish out damage and I don’t see her being able to close the distance between them. Palutena wins.

Daisy vs One Above All

Daisy has returned and this princess is ready for another win. The One Above All is a powerful being feared by many across the cosmos. Thing is…the guy can’t really fight. We’ve never seen him take anyone down and so Daisy has more combat experience. She could easily use her hand to hand experience to take him down for the count and that would be the end of that. He has no real defense against her abilities and would naturally just succumb to the loss. Daisy wins.

Daisy vs Lubba

Lubba isn’t a bad character, but he does tend to get a lot of losses on the site. He has heart, but heart doesn’t win battles. Daisy would be able to easily outmaneuver Lubba and secure a win for herself. Lubba won’t be able to escape either since Daisy is the quicker fighter. It took her a while, but Daisy has now caught up to her losses and no longer has a negative record on the blog. Perhaps things are looking up for her. Daisy wins.

Marv Murchins vs Daisy

Marv is well known for getting outsmarted and beaten by a little kid. When that’s your reputation there is really nowhere to go but up right? His ascension into being a quality villain will have to wait though since he doesn’t stand a chance against Princess Daisy. Daisy has always been a pretty fun character and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Not only does she have a great personality but Daisy can also fight really well. One hit from her racket and it’s game over. Daisy wins.

Harry Lyme vs Daisy

Harry Lyme isn’t the most skilled thief out there and he definitely isn’t a great fighter. I don’t imagine that he will be able to do much against a skilled fighter such as Daisy. Daisy is a master of every sport and she even has some hand to hand abilities. Harry would not be able to keep up at all so Daisy would have the clear advantage from the start. She wouldn’t even give Harry enough time to prepare himself. Daisy wins.

Ghostface (Mickey) vs Daisy

This is a tribute to Scream 2. This time we got a new Ghostface and out of the first three he was certainly the toughest one. That being said, he still wouldn’t last long against Daisy. All Ghostface has going for him is his gun skills and those can only take you so far. Daisy has experience in all sports and has super powers of her own like hearts that can block projectiles. Once she gets up close her hand to hand skills will deliver her a quick victory. Daisy wins.

Ghostface (Loomis) vs Daisy

This is a tribute to the first Scream film. Ghostface is definitely one of those villains who only wins because his opponents aren’t great at fighting back or he gets a cheap shot in. Daisy is an experienced driver and as a result she is always ready for a fight. She won’t run out the door or up the stairs. Daisy would take the fight straight to Ghostface and would knock him out for the count pretty quickly. Ghostface just wouldn’t know what hit him and she would be earning the win rather easily. Daisy wins.

Daisy vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic Daisy is back and she’s ready to rumble. Unfortunately for her this match will go in just about the same way as her last fight. Toon Link has many of the same attack options as Link. While he isn’t quite as formidable the gap isn’t all that large. Daisy is simply outmatched in speed as well as strength. I don’t think she would be able to last more than a few minutes, but at the very least she won’t be giving up. Daisy never goes down easy. Toon Link wins.

Daisy vs Link

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for Daisy to step in! She’s always been one of the most underratted Mario characters so to see her in Super Smash is pretty intense. Still, I’m not sure if she can hope to stop Link here. Link has his Master Sword on hand and a bunch of other weapons including his Light Arrows. Daisy isn’t fast enough to dodge his hits and she also won’t be able to endure them. Link is simply on a different level with his pure technique and Daisy will have to wait for another match to try and get a win. Link wins.

Tifa vs Daisy

Tifa has super strength and can take down Daisy. Daisy just couldn’t win this time around. Tifa was just too powerful and Daisy gets knocked down some slots in Records. Daisy will have to wait for her next opponent and hope it’s someone not too strong, or else she’ll be doomed. Tifa wins.