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Frieza vs Tifa

Suggested by Destroyer Tifa is a skilled hand to hand fighter who can also use some elemental attacks. Her speed is quite impress but ultimately she is still a mortal. Frieza has the power of Golden Frieza at his disposal and with a single attack can destroy an entire solar system. I don’t think Tifa could get out of range in that time. Frieza wins.

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Celia vs Tifa

Suggested by iKnowledge Celia is a tricky mermaid who is always determined. I’m sure that she could potentially win a verbal disagreement with Tifa if she kept at it. When it comes to combat though, I don’t think that Celia is in the same league. Tifa has various elemental skills at her disposal along with just naturally being faster and stronger than Celia. She won’t even need her limit break to win. Tifa wins.

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Lex Luthor vs Tifa

Suggested by Destroyer Tifa is definitely a cool character, but I’m afraid that she did not get quite as many feats as Cloud over the years. She has a good amount of super strength and speed at her disposal, but they aren’t at the crazy amounts needed to defeat someone like Lex. Lex has taken Superman’s abilities on multiple occasions and that will give him the edge over Tifa in this round. Anything that she can do, Lex can match and do better. Her magical attacks will be useful, but none of them are enough to compensate for the physical differences between the two. Lex Luthor wins.

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Tifa vs Firestar

I’m afraid that Firestar is really no match against Tifa. Tifa possesses super strength and her speed surpasses Firestar’s. Firestar has no attacks in his arsenal that can really help him turn the tides in this match. He’s just going to have to settle for a loss in this round and hope that his next opponent isn’t as powerful. Tifa wins.

Original image for Firestar was drawn by NatameSecrea. The link to the image is below.

Warriors - Firestar