Firestar vs Judgeman

Firestar is a good cat, but he’s no match for the powers of Judgeman. Judgeman is a skilled netnavi and he’s fought with guys as powerful as Megaman. Firestar is a good runner and he never backs down from a fight, but 9 lives just isn’t enough to win this round. Judgeman could beat hundreds of Firestars. Judgeman wins.

Original image for Firestar was drawn by NatameSecrea. The link to the image is below.

Firestar (Marvel) vs Firestar

Firestar (Marvel) is pretty powerful and her fire abilities should make this a quick match. Firestar has 9 lives at his disposal, which makes him a fearsome foe, but it just won’t be enough this time. The superhero will end up defeating the cat and their rankings will definitely change as a result. Time for Firestar (Marvel) to begin her ascent through the blog. Firestar (Marvel) wins.

Original image for Firestar was drawn by NatameSecrea. The link to the image is below.

Firestar vs Duo

Firestar is a tough and charismatic cat, but he really doesn’t stand a chance of defeating Duo. Duo is one of the strongest beings in Megaman history and he only needs a single shot to take Firestar down for the count. Firestar isn’t fast enough to dodge his attacks and none of Firestar’s attacks have enough power to injure the being. Duo wins.

Original image for Firestar was drawn by NatameSecrea. The link to the image is below.

Tifa vs Firestar

I’m afraid that Firestar is really no match against Tifa. Tifa possesses super strength and her speed surpasses Firestar’s. Firestar has no attacks in his arsenal that can really help him turn the tides in this match. He’s just going to have to settle for a loss in this round and hope that his next opponent isn’t as powerful. Tifa wins.

Original image for Firestar was drawn by NatameSecrea. The link to the image is below.

Frieza vs Firestar

Firestar is back once again and he’s up against a casual planet buster. Frieza is also massively faster than light so it will be tough for Firestar to land a solid shot on him. Frieza rises up the ranks with this win and shows the world why he is to be feared. Maybe Firestar can finally catch a break now. Frieza wins.

Ulquiorra vs Firestar

Firestar is quick, but in the end he won’t be able to compete with the immense power that Ulquiorra has. Ulquiorra is also a lot faster and one good energy blast would be able to defeat Firestar in an instant. Firestar has taken another loss, but sadly for him he will be back pretty soon. Maybe he’ll win. Ulquiorra wins.

Firestar vs Link

Firestar is a cat that has some pretty good skills and he also possesses 9 lives. Of course Firestar could have 100 lives and it wouldn’t be enough to take down a seasoned warrior like Link. Link has his light arrows and his bombs will also pack a punch. Firestar drops down the ranks with this loss. Link wins.

Firestar vs Bass

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Firestar is back and now he’s up against Bass! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and with a single shot he can do some intense damage! Still, Firestar is a fighter so he’ll try to go for the win. In the end I’m afraid that it will be futile against Bass! Bass wins.

Scourge (Warriors) vs Firestar

Scourge (Warriors) is back and now he’s up against Firestar! Firestar is a tough guy, but can he win this round? I think so, he has more agility and he’s an expert in the field of battle. Scourge (Warriors) may have lost this round, but maybe he’ll be back. Firestar wins.

Firestar vs Yellowfang

Firestar is back and it’s time for him to fight Yellowfang! She was a medicine cat who knew all there was on how to heal an injured cat. Still, it’s hard to heal yourself when you’re being attacked! Yellowfang won’t be able to win this match, but at least she tried. Firestar wins.