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Demolition Man vs Etrigan

Suggested by Sonic The Demolition Man has basic super strength which isn’t bad. It’s definitely better than nothing but Etrigan’s super strength is in a whole different weight class. He wouldn’t need to worry about taking as many of Demolition Man’s attacks as he needs to. Additionally Etrigan has his fire balls which will force The Demolition Man to keep his distance. This is one fight where the demon’s going to take the win. Etrigan wins.

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Lazerman vs Etrigan

Lazerman may have beaten many characters in the past, but this time he’s up against the demon known as Etrigan! Etrigan has shown in the past that he’s extremely powerful many times. Of course Lazerman has the massive speed advantage and in raw power I think he could take on Etrigan. Lazerman wins.