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Demolition Man vs Etrigan

Suggested by Sonic The Demolition Man has basic super strength which isn’t bad. It’s definitely better than nothing but Etrigan’s super strength is in a whole different weight class. He wouldn’t need to worry about taking as many of Demolition Man’s attacks as he needs to. Additionally Etrigan has his fire balls which will force The Demolition Man to keep his distance. This is one fight where the demon’s going to take the win. Etrigan wins.

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Demolition Man vs Godzilla

The Demolition Man is pretty powerful and his blows may be able to hurt Godzilla a little, but his speed isn’t very good and he doesn’t really have any long range abilities. That will really come back to bite him since Godzilla can just fire his Atomic Ray until the Demolition Man goes down. He will just have to accept this loss and move on. Godzilla wins.

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Demolition Man vs Lazerman

The Demolition Man has a pretty cool costume, but he was never the coolest character out there. He could try to throw in a few punches, but Lazerman would easily dodge them. Even if the punches were to somehow reach Lazerman, it just wouldn’t help. Lazerman wins this round with a single blast and continues to rise up the blog ranks. Lazerman wins.

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Demolition Man vs Donald Pierce

This is a pretty close battle. Demolition Man has a good amount of super strength ans took on the Thing, but Donald Pierce is a cyborg and his strength has also been increased. Super Strength is really the only thing that either combatant has, so the superior strength should win this round. Demolition Man’s strength is organic and that could prove to be an edge. Demolition Man wins.

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Clover vs Demolition Man

Now this was a close match if I ever saw one. Demolition Man has super strength, but not as much as most other heroes. In the end he didn’t have quite enough power to win this fight, so Clover ends his long string of matches with a win. It’s pretty happy for him. Clover wins.