Biollante vs Worm

Suggested by Destroyer The Worm has acid at his disposal and is definitely not a foe to underestimate. That being said, Biollante is more powerful by just about every metric imaginable. She can just destroy the Worm with a quick acid blast and that would be it. It’s not like the Worm is immune and since they both have these abilities, the more powerful one is clearly going to win. It really is as simple as that. There are not a lot of variables we need to take into account here because the match should be over quickly. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Biollante is a very powerful Kaiju but this is where she will go down for the count. Lady Sif isn’t just powerful but also has an incredibly good weapon. This is a weapon that would even be able to stab straight through Biollante’s hardened skin. That is what makes the match difficult for her because durability is her best weapon. Take that away and then things really start to get tricky. Lady Sif is also fast enough to land hits while dodging Biollante’s counters. Lady Sif wins.

Biollante vs Firefly

Suggested by Destroyer Firefly has a gun and over the years he has gotten some other equipment as well like his energy sword and more guns. The guy is loaded but all the guns on the planet won’t be enough to stop this Kaiju. Biollante can eat all of those attacks with ease and keep on going for more action. That’s the difference between the two fighters as Firefly will lose after the first hi lands. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Starfox

Suggested by Destroyer Starfox has basic superhuman abilities like strength and speed so I won’t say that this match is completely one sided but at the end of the day he doesn’t really have any effective options to deal with Biollante. The kaiju can just squish him at any moment and there wouldn’t really be a whole lot that Starfox could do about it. He’s not fast enough to dodge and doesn’t have the durability to hang in there once the blows start flying. So in the end the only option here is to just take a big loss. He needs more firepower. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Warwolf

Suggested by Destroyer Warwolf has super strength so he could try throwing a lot of good punches but it will be difficult for him to get in close. Biollante can fire off many different acid blasts and is rather huge so she can just shoot the acid off in every direction. Even a glancing blow would be really bad news for Warwolf and put him away for a while. Ultimately he doesn’t have a long range option powerful enough to tip the scales here. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Copperhead

Suggested by Destroyer Now the original Copperhead is here and ready for some action. Ultimately he won’t fare much better than the others though. Biollante is still completely out of his league and athletics won’t help him get around that. All Biollante needs is one good hit and she definitely will get this in time. So all he can do is try to delay the inevitable but it will ultimately be futile. This is just not a fight that he can possibly win. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Copperhead (Cobra)

Suggested by Destroyer What’s a guy with a gun going to do against a Kaiju? That’s probably what you’re thinking here and I definitely get it. Copperhead has no real options for victory here and should be almost immediately crushed by Biollante as the fight begins. There just isn’t any real defense against a Kaiju’s attack and this guy has no secret tricks up his sleeve or game changing powers to alter the outcome. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Copperhead (Lawrence)

Suggested by Destroyer Copperhead isn’t the most powerful fighter and he will be going down here. The guy has some basic durability and slight strength but it’s not really something that will make a Kaiju nervous. As soon as Biollante starts powering up one of those acid energy blasts then it’s all over. There just isn’t much that Copperhead could really do to try and defend himself here and there is certainly no escape. Biollante wins.

Biollante vs Kamina

Suggested by Destroyer So Biollante is a very powerful Kaiju and we’ve established that but she’s not going to do much against the man, the legend, Kamina! Kamina has so much power within his soul that he can operate his robot at a high level even when it was a fairly weak one. He fought hand to hand with an alien and doesn’t know the meaning of surrender. Biollante won’t be able to keep up with his mech and he will quickly take the Kaiju down to size with repeated sword swings. Kamina isn’t going down here. Kamina wins.

Biollante vs Green Hornet

Suggested by Destroyer Biollante is a powerful Kaiju who actually gave Godzilla a run for his money back in the day. It takes tremendous skill and power to pull something like that off. The Green Hornet has his gun and a good amount of experience but at the end of the day this is a gap in power that cannot be overcome through experience alone. It just won’t be enough and in the end he will be completely overwhelmed. The guy wouldn’t be able to endure a single strike. Biollante wins.