Godzilla Junior vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Lady Sif is on a good roll and that will continue here. Godzilla Junior never quite managed to reach the same kind of power level that Godzilla had. His Atomic Breath isn’t as focused and Lady Sif should be able to stay one step ahead of him pretty easily. Junior just won’t be able to do a lot to defend himself and will fall before her blade. Lady Sif wins.

Kumonga vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Lady Sif returns for another Kaiju battle. As a powerful Asgardian her physical stats are above that of any normal human. She should be able to easily overwhelm Kumonga here and he isn’t fast enough to land a true counter hit. As a result Lady Sif will definitely be able to control the flow of the battle from start to finish. Lady Sif wins.

Kamacuras vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Kamacuras is not one of the most powerful Kaiju out there but he can still be pretty tough. One hit from those claws and most characters are in for a world of trouble. That said, Lady Sif is an Asgardian and so her physical abilities are above that of most mortals. She has the speed to dodge all of his attacks and one good counter blow will end this. Lady Sif wins.

Hedorah vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Lady Sif is a strong warrior so the question here is really whether or not her attacks will beat Hedorah before he gets a luck shot in. I’m inclined to say that she has this match in the bag. She may not have a lot of fancy super powers, but she is an Asgardian and so she possesses natural super strength. Her weapons are also crafted to be quite deadly and so the slices will hurt Hedorah. He will simply be hacked until he is no longer able to remain standing. Lady Sif wins.

Brainchild vs Lady Sif

Brainchild is a pretty smart fighter, but in the end he can’t beat Lady Sif. Lady Sif has a sword and is a much better fighter than him. She also has better speed and raw power. Brainchild loses this round and drops down to the dreaded 0-3 spot! Maybe one day he’ll get a win. Lady Sif wins.

Wonder Woman vs Lady Sif

Wonder Woman is back and this time she’s fighting Lady Sif. Lady Sif may be a warrior, but she lacks the skills that Wonder Woman has. Wonder Woman has fought guys like Superman which is quite the feat. Lady Sif may be strong, but she couldn’t really give Thor a run for his money. Wonder Woman wins.