Silver Swan vs Wonder Woman

This is a tribute to Wonder Woman Bloodlines. Wonder Woman looked pretty good and was taking down all challengers. Silver Swan has some skills but in a straight fight there is no way she is going to beat Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman outranks her in power, speed, and pretty much every stat that matters. Silver Swan won’t last very long in a direct battle here and even if she tries to use her agility to stay one step ahead of the battle, it won’t be enough. Wonder Woman wins.

Maxwell Lord vs Wonder Woman

This is a tribute to WW 84. Wonder Woman continued to take on all challengers and foil plans left and right. Maxwell actually looked pretty good here compared to his usual paths, but in the end there’s no way for him to beat Wonder Woman or even come close in a fight. He’s completely outmatched and she wouldn’t even need her lasso or any time to end this battle. A quick punch will remind Maxwell Lord that he is no lord at all. Wonder Woman wins.

Irene Belserion vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Irene is a powerful mage and one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters in existence. She was wiping the floor with everyone she fought and Wonder Woman won’t be able to turn the tables here. Irene’s magic pressure is so dense that even approaching will be tough for WW. Wonder Woman has a very high level of strength and speed on her side, bur Irene is very durable. I’d say that Wonder Woman’s speed will be her best asset here since that isn’t Irene’s specialty, but ultimately it won’t be enough to overcome Irene’s other advantages. Irene Belserion wins.

Broly vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by Random Wonder Woman is incredibly powerful and has even gone up against Superman in the past. That being said, such power isn’t enough to stop a man like Broly. Broly’s abilities just exist on a higher plane than the others. He can end universes with a single blast. It’s hard to even fathom how much power such a technique would take. That’s why Broly is such a fierce some opponent. He really can’t be taken down by just about anyone. His speed is also unreal. Broly wins.

Wonder Woman vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith is one of Guts’ biggest enemies and one of the stronger characters in the series. He isn’t quite deity level like some of the other villains, but his speed is close to that of Guts and he possesses more special abilities which aid him in a fight. One such ability is telekinesis which is always handy and it will help him hinder Wonder Woman’s movements to a degree. Griffith will still have the edge in speed and while his attack power doesn’t seem quite as impressive as Guts’, it is at a very close level. Griffith wins.

Guts vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for Wonder Woman to enter the fray in a gauntlet of 2 back to back fights against Berserk characters. She would certainly be able to overpower Guts in his normal form, but his armor may make him a little too quick. She can likely still keep up with him as far as power is concerned, but speed is where he has the edge. She will have a hard time countering his blows and as his power is high enough to harm her, I don’t think Wonder Woman will be able to come out on top here. His attack range is too great and backed up by his speed that is lethal here. Guts wins.

Kairi vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Wonder Woman is back and now she is up against a future Keyblade Master! Kairi’s Keyblade skills will at least allow her to put up a fight, but she hasn’t had time to unlock most of its abilities. Kingdom Hearts III will likely help her case quite a bit, but in the mean time I definitely don’t think she would be able to keep up with Wonder Woman’s speed or her raw power. The difference in ability is simply too great. Wonder Woman wins.

Wonder Woman vs Fingolfin


Suggested by iKnowledge Fingolfin is a powerful Elvin warrior whose strength and durability are uncanny. He was able to do battle with Morgoth for a long time and put up an admirable fight. It would take a little while for Wonder Woman to take him down, but she has time. Moreover, her speed is on a completely different level compared to Fingolfin so the odds of a successful counter attack are slim to none. Wonder Woman wins.

*Image of Fingolfin created by kimberly80.

Zoom (Zolomon) vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by Anonymous Zoom is definitely a tricky DC fighter when it comes to determining if he will win or not. He’s certainly not a powerhouse in the way that Superman or Wonder Woman are, but his speed makes any fight potentially winnable for him. Wonder Woman has shown great moments of speed as well though and given that a single punch could deal a lot of damage I do think that she would have the edge in this fight. Eventually she would be able to land a solid blow and that would be enough. Still, it wouldn’t be an easy fight and Wonder Woman would have to take the blindfold off. Wonder Woman wins.

Wonder Woman vs Caulifla

maxresdefault (1)
Suggested by Random Wonder Woman is seen as one of the strongest female warriors out there. That is certainly true when it comes to the comics but as soon as you enter the realm of anime and manga that begins to change. She will be quickly overwhelmed by Caulifla’s superior fighting ability. I’d take the Saiyan in pure hand to hand combat and certainly in all other combat fields. Wonder Woman’s magic lasso would likely be broken if Caulifla decided to do so. That’s how powerful this prodigy is. Caulifla wins.