Chelsea vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Chelsea is a very skilled assassin. She can move with lightning quick speeds and her poison can take down many fighters. Wonder Woman has a decent immunity to some poisons though and has the speed needed to overcome Chelsea. Chelsea is more of a support fighter so as long as you dodge the opening surprise attack then you’re usually in a good position. She won’t be in a great spot to try and counter Wonder Woman so ultimately this will be where she ends up falling. Wonder Woman wins.

Natsuo Ishido vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo Ishido is back but she won’t be faring much better than in the last match. Wonder Woman’s strength and speed are considerably greater than Natsuo’s. Natsuo may be super skilled at close quarters combat but I’d make the case that Wonder Woman still has greater overall skill on her side. Mix that in with the flight and it’s game over. Wonder Woman wins.

Boa Hancock vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Boa Hancock is known as one of the strongest ladies in the entire One Piece verse. Her physical strength is quite impressive to the point where she became a warlord of the sea. Wonder Woman’s lasso and Hancock’s stone abilities are basically moot here so it all comes down to their physical abilities. While Wonder Woman is powerful and I see her keeping this fight close, Boa is better equipped to win this battle. Her blows will deal massive damage even when Wonder Woman blocks. She just has slightly better stats in the end. Boa Hancock wins.

Neferpitou vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by mmx14 Wonder Woman is a very powerful fighter who has solid speed and power stats but in this case that will not be enough. Neferpitou is just too much of a savage fighter and the nen abilities at play here will throw Wonder Woman for a loop. Ultimately her combat skills would not be enough to get past Pitou’s defenses and it’s fair to say that Pitou’s reaction times may be even better than WW’s. Neferpitou wins.

Sebastian Shaw vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Sebastian Shaw is a strong fighter who absorbs kinetic energy. Even fighters with super strength like Rogue could have some trouble with him but there is a limit to every ability. Wonder Woman’s attacks hit hard enough where there is no way that Shaw will be able to endure them. She can also throw him in the air and blast him around so he has no footing to counter with. Wonder Woman wins.

Richard Trager vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Richard can really land a sharp blow but that’s only if he can catch his opponents. Wonder Woman is considerably faster and stronger than Richard so she won’t really be in any danger here. She can shatter him with a single blow and that’s with her limiters on. Richard has no real way to turn the tables this time. Wonder Woman wins.

Chris Walker vs Wonder Woman


Suggested by iKnowledge Chris Walker is a fairly scary opponent to have to deal with. That said, Wonder Woman has taken on opponents who can destroy entire worlds with ease. There’s really nothing Chris can do to even try and get the upper hand in this fight. Wonder Woman moves fast enough where I have my doubts on if he could even follow her movements with his eyes. Wonder Woman wins.

Fury (Kosmatos) vs Wonder Woman

Fury is a powerful Amazon. In a sense she would be evenly matched with Wonder Woman in some incarnations but she doesn’t have the same level of battle experience nor does she have the feats from Wonder Woman’s most powerful incarnations. As such, she would ultimately fall in this fight. She has no individual advantages over Wonder Woman so while she can make this a close fight it’s hard to see any path to victory for her. Wonder Woman wins.

Ratchet vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is a genius who can build just about anything. He’s certainly an ally you want to have on your side for support. That being said, he is still not quite ready to take on Wonder Woman just yet. Her speed and power are on a completely different level. He has some of the best guns out there but landing a hit on Wonder Woman would be virtually impossible for him. He just doesn’t have the stats needed to make this a close fight. Wonder Woman wins.

Silver Swan vs Wonder Woman

This is a tribute to Wonder Woman Bloodlines. Wonder Woman looked pretty good and was taking down all challengers. Silver Swan has some skills but in a straight fight there is no way she is going to beat Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman outranks her in power, speed, and pretty much every stat that matters. Silver Swan won’t last very long in a direct battle here and even if she tries to use her agility to stay one step ahead of the battle, it won’t be enough. Wonder Woman wins.