Natsuo Ishido vs Mockingbird

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo is an excellent fighter and top of her class in the MMA world but Mockingbird will still win this one. Even if Natsuo may have slightly better speed and technique in base forms, Mockingbird received the serum at one point which boosted her strength to Captain America levels. She was able to shred robots like it was easy and endure building wide explosions. Natsuo can’t hold her own against such a super fighter at this point. Mockingbird wins.

Natsuo Ishido vs Ken Masters

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo Ishido returns once more against Ken. Now this is the closest fight for her yet but I think Ken will still be a little too much for her here. Both of them are really strong in hand to hand combat but Ken has more physical strength and better speed feats. He keeps up with Ryu a lot which is always impressive. Natsuo just doesn’t have the showings needed to defeat him. Ken Masters wins.

Natsuo Ishido vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo Ishido is back but she won’t be faring much better than in the last match. Wonder Woman’s strength and speed are considerably greater than Natsuo’s. Natsuo may be super skilled at close quarters combat but I’d make the case that Wonder Woman still has greater overall skill on her side. Mix that in with the flight and it’s game over. Wonder Woman wins.

Natsuo Ishido vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo Ishido is a very skilled martial artist. She learned a lot during her karate day sand can hold her own in MMA. That said, Batman’s a master in virtually every martial art and over the years he has all kinds of amazing gadgets and power ups at the ready. Natsuo won’t be a significant threat to him here. Batman should have control of the match from start to finish and turn this into a fairly quick victory. Batman wins.