Natsuo Ishido vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo Ishido is a very skilled martial artist. She learned a lot during her karate day sand can hold her own in MMA. That said, Batman’s a master in virtually every martial art and over the years he has all kinds of amazing gadgets and power ups at the ready. Natsuo won’t be a significant threat to him here. Batman should have control of the match from start to finish and turn this into a fairly quick victory. Batman wins.

Ka D’Argo vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Ka D’Argo has super strength and he’s a quick fighter when it counts but he’s out of his league against Batman. Batman is just too fast and his close combat skills are just too good. He should always have the advantage here in a fight like this. Ka’s best bet would be to really quickly land a knock-out blow that takes Batman down for the count but the odds of that are slim to none. Batman wins.

Scorpius vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Scorpius has super strength and is definitely a tough guy in general but he’s definitely not ready for this win. Batman has his GL Power Ring and a whole lot of power ups that would make him be able to claim the win here. Scorpius will definitely be on the back foot for this round and won’t have a way to make a proper comeback here. Batman has gone up against every kind of opponent there is and so Scorpius won’t be able to take him by surprise. Batman wins.

John Crichton vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge John Crichton is a smart guy and he’s got a gun but he won’t be beating Batman here. Batman has gone up against all kinds of crazy fighters in his day like Darkseid and Superman. He’s obtained many different powers overt the years and never stops getting stronger. Throw in his mastery of close quarters combat and I don’t see John being able to do much of anything here. He’s just out of his league and will be primed for a complete loss here. Batman wins.

Sebastian Shaw vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Sebastian Shaw is a tough fighter who absorbs kinetic energy. If Batman only had his normal form then I think it’s very safe to say that he would lose this battle. I don’t think the gadgets would be enough to stop him. Batman has obtained tons of super forms over the years though that really give him a way to fight back like when he got Superman’s powers. Shaw’s not going to be able to stop him and will ultimately go down here. Batman wins.

Paul Phoenix vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Paul Phoenix is a very confident Tekken character. The confidence is warranted as the guy is fairly strong but he definitely has nothing on Batman. I don’t consider his technique to be quite as polished. At best he might have the slight edge in brute strength but not enough to really make a difference here. Batman will just overwhelm him with a flurry of blows and Paul will quickly hit the ground. Batman wins.

Sodom vs Batman

Suggested by iKnowledge Sodom is a decent fighter. He’s got twin sai and other weapons at his disposal but this isn’t anything that will be new to Batman. Batman has faced all manner of opponents in his day and has proven himself to be capable of victory. I’d trust his close combat skills far more than Sodom’s. Throw in all of Batman’s high tech gadgets and Sodom will quickly be at a huge disadvantage here. There just won’t be much that he can do here. Batman wins.

Savage Skull vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2. Not too many people know about the Savage Skull but he came rather close to taking out the Batman once. This guy is a petty criminal but give him a knife and things get dicey. That said, I would put my money on Batman 10 times out of 10. He has way too many gadgets and attack options to possibly lose this fight. There’s a reason why the guy has won over 1000 fights. Batman wins.

Calendar Man vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1. The Calendar Man is an interesting figure who certainly left an impact on the film but the whole time you were waiting for him to do something more. He’s still not going to be able to match Batman, the world’s greatest detective. Batman has way too many good hand to hand combos and equipment that he could use to always stay one step ahead in the fight. Batman wins.

Batman vs Leopold Fitz

This is a tribute to the Batman vs TMNT film that came out recently. Batman definitely handled his business pretty well and showed why he is one of the most skilled martial artists out there. Leopold Fitz is pretty intelligent in his own right, but he’s not the genius that Batman is, nor does he have the dark knight’s hand to hand expertise. When you combine both factors into the equation there is just no way that Leopold can hope to win this battle. Batman wins.