Savage Skull vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2. Not too many people know about the Savage Skull but he came rather close to taking out the Batman once. This guy is a petty criminal but give him a knife and things get dicey. That said, I would put my money on Batman 10 times out of 10. He has way too many gadgets and attack options to possibly lose this fight. There’s a reason why the guy has won over 1000 fights. Batman wins.

Calendar Man vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1. The Calendar Man is an interesting figure who certainly left an impact on the film but the whole time you were waiting for him to do something more. He’s still not going to be able to match Batman, the world’s greatest detective. Batman has way too many good hand to hand combos and equipment that he could use to always stay one step ahead in the fight. Batman wins.

Batman vs Leopold Fitz

This is a tribute to the Batman vs TMNT film that came out recently. Batman definitely handled his business pretty well and showed why he is one of the most skilled martial artists out there. Leopold Fitz is pretty intelligent in his own right, but he’s not the genius that Batman is, nor does he have the dark knight’s hand to hand expertise. When you combine both factors into the equation there is just no way that Leopold can hope to win this battle. Batman wins.

Howard Aguello vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman Ninja. Batman definitely looked pretty solid through and through here. He came up with good plans and adapted to this older world pretty quick. I somehow don’t think Howard would have been able to do much adapting at all. These two are polar opposites and Batman’s built a career out of putting guys like Howard away. There’s nothing Howard can throw at Batman that would intimidate the Dark Knight in the slightest. Batman wins.

Broly vs Batman

Suggested by Random Batman is a great detective and an even better fighter. It’s fair to say that in pure hand to hand he may be able to match Broly. Of course, that’s only in a scenario where neither one of them are able to use any abilities or super strength. Otherwise Broly has the massive advantage here. What’s Batman really going to do against a legendary Super Saiyan like this guy? The correct answer is that he’s not really going to do much of anything. Broly’s way too powerful. Broly wins.

Bisharp vs Batman

Suggested by Tej It’s time for Batman to step back into the ring. He has a GL Power Ring as well as Superman’s abilities so he’s a very tough vigilante. Then you’ve got Bisharp who is actually a pretty strong Pokemon with a solid design and a nice moveset. He was able to overwhelm Ash for a while which is no small feat. I think he’ll land a lot of good shots on Batman, but ultimately he doesn’t have quite enough speed to make up for Batman’s edge in strength. This is one round where the Pokemon will actually have to take a loss. Batman wins.

Swamp Thing vs Batman

This is a tribute to both the Swamp Thing film and the 2nd Batman Unlimited title. It ended up working out as a double tribute because Swamp Thing looked pretty bad in his film while Batman was giving people the work in his. Swamp Thing is pretty tough since he works with the Green and has a good amount of super strength. Still, it won’t be enough against Batman and his many gadgets. Once Batman pops on his GL Power Ring then the match is really over. Batman wins.

Batman vs Floronic Man

This is a tribute to the new Batman and Harley Quinn film. The Floronic Man is definitely a tough opponent since his durability is rather high and he has some reasonable super strength as well. That being said, he still isn’t a match for someone like Batman. Batman has a large array of gadgets at his disposal and a GL Power Ring as well. A few good blasts of energy and it will all be over. Batman wins.

Shaggy Man vs Batman

The Shaggy Man has returned one last time to face off against the Dark Knight. I’m afraid that this round won’t end very well for him though since Batman has obtained many abilities over the years. His GL Power Ring will likely be enough to win this fight though as a few quick blasts of energy will knock the fight out of the Shaggy Man. He just isn’t agile enough to dodge or fast enough to counter attack. Batman wins.

Shaggy vs Batman

This is a tribute to the recent Batman and Scooby Doo crossover. As per usual I can’t really say that Shaggy looked all that good. He caved in to the pressure and scares that come hand in hand with solving mysteries. While Batman also got nervous at different points in the film, he still came out on top. True heroes will always keep plunging through until they achieve victory. Maybe one day Shaggy will have that epiphany. Batman wins.