Jonathan Kent vs Mockingbird

This is a tribute to Battle of the Super Sons. Jonathan Kent has powers which should keep on getting more and more powerful as he develops. Mockingbird has already reached the peak of her power which is a bad sign since that means the gap will only continue to grow from this point on. She just isn’t going to be able to keep up with his speed or power so ultimately that puts her in a rough state right from the jump. This fight isn’t a winnable one. Jonathan Kent wins.

Natsuo Ishido vs Mockingbird

Suggested by iKnowledge Natsuo is an excellent fighter and top of her class in the MMA world but Mockingbird will still win this one. Even if Natsuo may have slightly better speed and technique in base forms, Mockingbird received the serum at one point which boosted her strength to Captain America levels. She was able to shred robots like it was easy and endure building wide explosions. Natsuo can’t hold her own against such a super fighter at this point. Mockingbird wins.