Boa Hancock vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Boa Hancock is known as one of the strongest ladies in the entire One Piece verse. Her physical strength is quite impressive to the point where she became a warlord of the sea. Wonder Woman’s lasso and Hancock’s stone abilities are basically moot here so it all comes down to their physical abilities. While Wonder Woman is powerful and I see her keeping this fight close, Boa is better equipped to win this battle. Her blows will deal massive damage even when Wonder Woman blocks. She just has slightly better stats in the end. Boa Hancock wins.

2 thoughts on “Boa Hancock vs Wonder Woman

  1. Nothing can make me doubt Boa Hancock’s strength in anime or One Piece, but I don’t think she would make an easy win against Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman can keep up with Superman more often than not, and given Superman’s near-century of existence, Boa Hancock doesn’t have, and never will have, as many feats of super-strength as him. When Boa Hancock can pull planets, email me/S. Keep that in mind, I have little faith that she could put down half of Wonder Woman’s rogues’ gallery as well, in particular, Ares. You see what I mean?

    • Yeah this one was tough, that’s why it ended up being one of the last requests to complete. I do think Wonder Woman can put up a really good fight and keep pace with strength but I’d say Boa’s combat speed is better and her attack power is high enough to deal a lot of serious damage to eventually get the win.

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