Spiderman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is a tech genius who can build anything and fire off any kind of gun. He would be blasting away at Spiderman, but with the Spider Sense active as a counter it won’t go very far. Physically Ratchet isn’t quite at a level where he can hope to outrun Spiderman or deal with that level of strength. Ultimately he would fall in this round. Spiderman wins.

Ratchet vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is a genius who can build just about anything. He’s certainly an ally you want to have on your side for support. That being said, he is still not quite ready to take on Wonder Woman just yet. Her speed and power are on a completely different level. He has some of the best guns out there but landing a hit on Wonder Woman would be virtually impossible for him. He just doesn’t have the stats needed to make this a close fight. Wonder Woman wins.

Spikeman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Sonic Ratchet has a lot of great guns and he is quick on his feet. His strongest guns would do a whole lot of damage and would probably even have a shot at destroying Spikeman. I believe Spikeman’s speed will be crucial here. Even Ratchet’s best boots don’t give him a level of speed that would be enough to surpass Spikeman. Spikeman even crossed blades with Protoman once and that is not an easy feat. Ratchet needs one more significant power up in order to cross this gap. Spikeman wins.

Lazerman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet has a lot of good weapons up his sleeve and he is very creative in a fight. A shame that his cunning and skill won’t be able to overcome the gap in ability between him and Lazerman. As shown in his final fight with Shademan, Lazerman is actually quite fast and moves with a pseudo teleportation technique that makes him hard to hit. Ratchet can figure out how to neutralize that ability with time, but that’s something he won’t have here. Lazerman wins.

Ms Marvel vs Ratchet

Ratchet is a genius mechanic and he has had quite a few game changing weapons in the past, but none of them are quite good enough to take Ms. M down for the count. To an extent she can block all of his energy attacks and Ratchet doesn’t have any guns fast enough to tag her. This is simply a mismatch where brains don’t take the win against brawn. It’ s just how it goes sometimes. Ms. Marvel wins.

Transformers Classics Volume 5 Review

transformers-comics-classics-volume-5-cover_1377711789 (1)
The final of my retro, retro reviews is the 5th volume of the Transformers Classics series. The original Transformers series was definitely a lot of fun and I’ll miss it. There are still a few more volumes to go before the series is concluded, but it could be a long time until I read volume 6. As always, the Autobots are in a pretty bad spot in this volume. Their numbers have diminished while there always seem to be more Decepticons on the loose. It’s a pretty fun collection with some solid stories.

There are many stories featured in this collection and while Transformers has always done pretty well with keeping a strict continuity in place, we also get some issues that don’t really add to the plot. They’re still entertaining though so it’s not a huge loss. Most of the others do have reprucussions that directly affect future comics as well so you really want to stay sharp as you read through them. I shall briefly give a synopsis for several of the comics included.

The first comic follows good ole Spike as he hikes up a mountain. He doesn’t want to be a Transformer anymore and he’s rejected that way of life to be a normal person once more. Unfortunately, Decepticons show up and Spike’s friend is put in danger. Can Spike really risk their lives just because he doesn’t feel up to the task at the moment? It’s time for Spike to make a choice! I can’t say that I cared for Spike in this issue since he should always be ready for a fight and heroes have no time to worry about being normal. It’s a tough world out there and they need to stay alert. The next comic was a pretty big change in tone as a few Autobots head into an amazonian lair. They were using their humanoid mirages so the Amazons thought that they were not human. Men are not allowed of course, but the Autobot passes the test to prove that he is worthy. Unfortunately, he then lets them know that he’s not human and he basically loses his head during the discussion. Is this really a safe refuge for the heroes? The concept of that comic was pretty intriguing, but it didn’t really have a lot of action so it wasn’t one of the best ones.

The next issue was probably the best one in the collection or it definitely ranks up there at the very least. A few of the Autobots quit the group and decide to strike out on their own. Roadhandler is challenged to a wrestling match and he obliges. He doesn’t want to throw the fight so he wins and then he proceeds to keep on winning the matches. He gets a pretty large following, but then the Decepticons come over to town. They kidnap the fans so that Roadhandler will have to throw the fight against one of them. It’s a diabolical plan, but it;s definitely an effective one. I know that Wrestling fans won’t like the fact that Wrestling is supposed to be fake in this comic, but the battles are still fun and I’m glad that Roadhandler didn’t throw the fight. All’s well that ends well and we even get a moral at the end of the comic. Not bad!

The next story is the meat of the collection as it’s a 4 parter. (Debatably, it could be said to be 5 parts since the issue afterwards deals with the aftermath) Ratchet is feeling guilty about the deaths of his comrades and he has not been able to fix them. A group of new Autobots tell Ratchet that they may have an idea on how to help so Ratchet follows them. He doesn’t contact any of the other Autobots to let them know where he was going and that turns out to be a pretty deadly mistake as the Autobots lead him to Megatron! It was a trap and Megatron intends to revive Starscream among others. Ratchet’s mistake may have ended the war.

Meanwhile, The fake Autobots lead the Autobots into a battle with Scorponok’s forces. Neither side is really in the mood, but it’s hard to exit such a battle once it has started. Both sides clash and Optimus Prime’s group definitely has the edge. Nontheless, Prime realizes that Megatron is up to something so both groups are forced to join forces. Prime is pretty upset about the whole thing and he’s not holding back any longer. The climatic battle against Megatron will resume once again!

One comic gives us the “true” origin of the Transformers. Primus and Unicron had an epic battle and Primus tricked Unicron into merging with a planet so that he wouldn’t be a threat anymore. The problem is that the plan worked a little too well and he also got trapped. Primus built some normal Transformers and that’s how things started. An energy blast hits him in the modern day and he wakes up…this could be tricky for the Transformers. There are a few stand alone issues after that where Autobots travel to various planets to try and find the Matrix, but it’s all for naught. Maybe it just cannot be found anymore.

Aside from the issues, one reason that I really like the Classics series is the fact that the volume does a good job of giving the reader a lot of extra info. Before each comic, we get a fun foreward by the author explaining details about the comic like what they were thinking when it was written or scenes that were cut out. Likewise, there is a lot of writing after each issue where each panel is discussed. It’s a very fun way to read the comics since you really get the maximum amount of enjoyment since you can safely say that you’ve seen the comic from every angle.

The art for the issues is pretty good. The Transformers Wiki typically has an error relating to the art in most of the issues, but it is easy to miss them so it’s all good. A few mixed up colors definitely won’t stop the rest of the collection from looking good and I really miss some of these designs. Bumblebee’s has changed for the better, but the rest of the fighters have never really looked as good as the G1 designs.

One thing that I did find interesting was the use of the “Fake Autobots.” I believe that they called these Decepticons “Pretenders” and it’s an apt description. It’s really a brilliant move on their part and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been tried before. Switching emblems is likely difficult, but I’m sure that it would be easy for Shockwave to invent something to make it possible. The plan worked and the only oversight was that the Decepticons should have expected Prime to quickly take down Scorponok and then put a wrench in the plans. If there were more Decepticons then it would have definitely been a pretty crushing win. I would like to see more robots use this tactic in the future since it could make for a pretty great plot. Especially in the newer comics since there are so many fighters on either

Just about all of the characters were pretty solid. Ratchet was a lot better than usual and Megatron/Optimus Prime are always great characters. The rest of the Autobots and Decepticons were decent and they played their roles well. I can’t say that I really cared for Spike since he really didn’t make the right calls as quickly as he should have. Trying to leave the Transformers just isn’t that responsible when you are the leader of a team.

Overall, This was a solid addition to the Transformers Classics series. We got to Megatron return to fight the good fight and the 4 part epic with Ratchet was pretty exciting. The wrestling issue is an example of a great story that may not work quite as well in the modern comics. It was played seriously and yet it felt like a parody from the start. I highly recommend checking out this comic if you’re a Transformers fan or if you just want some action. It will be a little tougher to really get into the volume if you’ve never read Transformers before, but you have to start somewhere right? We are definitely reaching the climax and it appears that Unicron will definitely be joining the action in the next volume. That definitely sounds fun!

Overall 7/10

Grubsnucker vs Ratchet

Grubsnucker makes his debut onto the blog, but he won’t be winning! Grubsnuckers are pretty small and I wouldn’t exactly call them the best fighters! Ratchet’s got his guns and armor, but even his good ole wrench should be enough to take this guy down. Ratchet wins.

Courtney Gears vs Ratchet

Courtney Gears makes her debut fight! She was one of Ratchet’s tougher enemies for sure, but it may not be enough. She has your basic mild super speed and energy blasts, but Ratchet has tough armor and weapons that can shoot energy blasts anyway. Taking him down can be tough stuff! Ratchet wins.

Talwyn Apogee vs Ratchet

Talwyn Apogee is the next fighter to take on Ratchet! Well, as per usual, I would say that Ratchet has this win. He’s fought many more powerful enemies than Talwyn Apogee and he also has his experience from Deadlocked. He fought many opponents back then! Ratchet wins.

Lawrence vs Ratchet

Ratchet is back and this time he’s up against Lawrence! Lawrence has his gun and he knows how to fight, but I wouldn’t say that he’s quite as tough as Ratchet! Ratchet has a lot of tough armors and guns at his disposal which give him the big edge. Lawrence may be back someday. Ratchet wins.