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Sonic vs Shadow

Hmmm. This time I’m actually going with the more popular choice. Shadow can beat Sonic. While Sonic’s fast Shadow is arguably faster. plus he has time manipulation powers that allow him to slow time and teleport. He also has his chaos spear attack which is a super strong energy beam. And if it comes down to it his Super form is stronger than Sonic’s.

Shadow wins

Well not anymore. Sonic has more hax on his side. Sonic wins.

Fanfic version below

Speed fight!


20 thoughts on “Sonic vs Shadow”

  1. Which is why Sega is beginning to shift their focus back to Sonic, and Shadow will probably be downgraded to a recurring boss battle from now on. Sure.

    1. That’s because the world isn’t ready for Sonic yet. The real big guys are the ones that the world isn’t ready for yet. Like how everyone used to think the world was flat. They just couldn’t accept that it was round until it was too late. Years from now Sega will see their mistake. Also Shadow could pwn Sonic.

  2. Sonic can move a little bit faster than sound but shadow insn’t even as fast as sonic he.’s slower

      1. Why Not Stream Games Like Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, Or Street Fighter V? I’d Like To See That.
        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      2. I just don’t have enough time for it and playing within the comfort of my Cookies and Pasta works well enough for me. I do upload to my youtube channel sometimes tho.

    1. No, I saw the show before I started doing reviews. I could conceivably give it a revisit someday, but it’ll probably be a long time. At the moment I have too many other stuff to review.

      1. You May Want To Give It Another Shot, I Absolutely Love That Show To Death. The Shadow Saga Was The Best In My Opinion.
        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      1. Sadly, it has been confirmed Shadow is returning as an assist trophy yet again.
        Daisy was a better choice for Smash than Shadow I guess…

      2. Yeah, it was a bad move not bringing him in. I’m super glad Daisy made it in since she was another character I wanted to see in Smash but it shouldn’t have been an “either or” scenario. Both would have been hype!

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