Spiderman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet is a tech genius who can build anything and fire off any kind of gun. He would be blasting away at Spiderman, but with the Spider Sense active as a counter it won’t go very far. Physically Ratchet isn’t quite at a level where he can hope to outrun Spiderman or deal with that level of strength. Ultimately he would fall in this round. Spiderman wins.

Spiderman vs Zodd

Suggested by iKnowledge Zodd is a powerful beast, but that won’t be enough to stop Spiderman. Zodd’s raw power is incredibly formidable, but what will ultimately hold him back here is the fact that his speed isn’t great. Spiderman has obtained many great powers over the years like the Phoenix Force and the Power Cosmic. Both of these abilities will really make Zodd think twice about making a move. I just don’t think Zodd will be able to do much against such a fighter. As long as Spidey doesn’t get overconfident he has this in the bag. Spiderman wins.

Spiderman vs Walrus

This is a tribute to the recent Far From Home film. Spiderman looked pretty good there and at the end of the day he proved that spider sense is still one of the greatest techniques in Marvel. The Walrus is pretty strong, but he’s definitely not ready to take on one of the all time greats like this. Walrus would be better off running as soon as the match starts because there is no way he can hope to even land a hit against this hero. Spiderman wins.

Ferid vs Spiderman

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is back for one last round. Spiderman has obtained many powerful abilities over the years so while he doesn’t tend to do very well against the vampires in base mode, things change when he has the power cosmic. That being said, he still isn’t quite fast enough to keep up with Ferid. Ferid’s own regenerative abilities will also ensure that he is always in command of the situation. Both are deadly fighters, but I’d expect Ferid to speedblitz Spidey until victory. Ferid wins.

Aunt May vs Spiderman

Aunt May has always been the pillar for Spiderman’s strength. As long as May is around Spiderman will fight with all he’s got. She may not be a fighter, but Aunt May will be proud to give Spiderman another win and help him go up the blog rankings. He will be ready to help defend the world from the Infinity War and prove once and for all that he can go toe to toe with any opponent who dares to get in his way! Spiderman wins.

Spiderman vs Ezekiel

This is a tribute to Spider-Man Homecoming. Spiderman looked pretty good in the film overall as he made a lot of the right calls and did his best to stop the Vulture. He may have looked a little weak, but at least he tried his best. Ezekiel is one of those guys who is always cracking and making the wrong decisions despite his best justifications as to why they’re necessary. He’s completely outmatched against someone like Spiderman in terms of personality and physical ability. Spiderman wins.

Spiderman vs Wesker

Suggested by Jeremy Wesker is a popular Resident Evil villain and the hype is well deserved. He’s a really cool character and one that I can definitely get behind. That being said, he really doesn’t stand a chance against Spiderman. Spiderman has attained many abilities over the years and they make this a stomp. Spiderman without any augmentations against Wesker would be a really good fight though. Wesker is certainly much faster than Spiderman, but the spider sense would help to negate that. Honestly, I may have to go with Wesker in a normal match, but it’d be close. Spiderman wins.

Van Helsing vs Spiderman

This is a tribute to the Horror of Dracula. Van Helsing is typically a very tough hunter who knows how to deal with Vampires, but that wasn’t the case this time. He was very unimpressive and failed to protect just about anyone. Spiderman is much better when it comes to stopping the villains and a quick combo will take out Helsing. This Wallcrawler doesn’t mess around! Spiderman wins.

Mr Fantastic vs Spiderman

Mr Fantastic is a pretty intelligent guy and even he was not prepared for just how quick Spiderman can be in a fight. Spiderman has his Spider Sense, which allows him to know which threats are around before they can hurt him. This gives him the edge over just about any other fighter who is on the same level as him. Mr Fantastic is good at stretching, but he’s simply outmatched here. Spiderman wins.

Spiderman vs Morbius

Morbius has his vampire abilities that have allowed him to surpass the realm of the average mortal. That being said, that doesn’t make him an even match for Spiderman. Spiderman has the proportionate strength of a spider and he has a lot of experience as well. He’s not the kind of guy who will go down very easily and he obtained the Phoenix Force once. That should be enough to win here. Spiderman wins.