Spiderman vs Walrus

This is a tribute to the recent Far From Home film. Spiderman looked pretty good there and at the end of the day he proved that spider sense is still one of the greatest techniques in Marvel. The Walrus is pretty strong, but he’s definitely not ready to take on one of the all time greats like this. Walrus would be better off running as soon as the match starts because there is no way he can hope to even land a hit against this hero. Spiderman wins.

2 thoughts on “Spiderman vs Walrus

  1. Spider sense is OP, so I can’t understand why Parker ignores it a lot of the time. The Walrus? Haha. Marvel sure had some goofy villains in its earlier years.

    • Agreed, he should really be using it all the time. Unless the opponent is wayyyy faster than him it’d be hard for most opponents to land any kind of counter thanks to that

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