Aunt May vs Mama Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Aunt May and Mama Bear are both responsible for keeping their households in check. Mama Bear has natural super strength since she is a bear, but it won’t be enough to stop Aunt May. Why? Because Aunt May became Spider Ma’am in one universe and got every bit as strong as Spider-Man. This means she could easily tie up Mama Bear with webbing or she could go in for the win with brute strength. No matter how you slice it this will be a clean win for the Aunt. Aunt May wins.

Aunt May vs Spiderman

Aunt May has always been the pillar for Spiderman’s strength. As long as May is around Spiderman will fight with all he’s got. She may not be a fighter, but Aunt May will be proud to give Spiderman another win and help him go up the blog rankings. He will be ready to help defend the world from the Infinity War and prove once and for all that he can go toe to toe with any opponent who dares to get in his way! Spiderman wins.

Aunt May vs Agent Bob

Aunt May is back and now she’s up against Agent Bob. This match is a little tricky since Aunt May was once bitten by a radioactive spider and gained superpowers. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to show a lot of her abilities and for now I’d give Agent Bob the edge. He’s pretty decent with a gun and while he’s not very brave, he can fight if necessary. Agent Bob wins.

Ann Zap vs Aunt May

Aunt May may be a strong character, but she lacks the netnavi that Ann Zap has. Netnavies make all the difference in this sort of fight and that’s why Ann Zap takes home the win. Aunt May takes a loss and drops down the blog rankings. One day maybe she’ll be back. Ann Zap wins.