Feitan vs Killua

Suggested by Patrick This is a pretty tricky fight that has been heavily debated for a while. Feitan is the fastest member of the Phantom Troupe and Killua is easily the fastest of the main heroes. Feitan put up a great showing against Zazan and also has his devastating sun ability, but Killua’s Godspeed was enough to let him speedblitz one of the 3 Royal Guards. Unfortunately Killua has not gotten a serious fight since then and it’s also been a while since we saw Feitan fight. I think Killua’s Godspeed gives him the speed advantage though and he should be able to end the fight before it runs out. Killua wins.


Artemis (Justice) vs Feitan

Artemis (Justice) has arrows to use against Feitan. Feitan’s swords would cut all of her arrows to bits. She’s just not as good at fighting as Feitan. Feitan is a pro who’s beaten many opponents in the past. Feitan gets his second win in this match. Feitan wins.

Bass vs Feitan

Bass is back with another win. Soon he will reach 100 wins. Once that happens Bass will be known as an even greater legend than anyone thought possible. That’s because Bass is the strongest being in media. Feitan gets a loss here, but he’ll be back. Bass wins.

Aunt May vs Feitan

Aunt May has been helping heroes for years in subtle ways. Of course she is still old and will not be able to keep up with Feitan. Feitan has a sword and could take down Aunt May in one blow. Aunt May drops down to 0-1, but she may be back someday. Feitan wins.