Killua vs Rammot

This is a tribute to The Last Mission. Killua was definitely the MVP here as he took down the villains when it counted and was always ready with a plan. Kurapika may be the genius of the series, but Killua can definitely hold his own in a battle of wits. Throw in his Godspeed and he is a very deadly fighter. I don’t think Rammot would last more than a second if these two were to have a rematch. Killua wins.

Feitan vs Killua

Suggested by Patrick This is a pretty tricky fight that has been heavily debated for a while. Feitan is the fastest member of the Phantom Troupe and Killua is easily the fastest of the main heroes. Feitan put up a great showing against Zazan and also has his devastating sun ability, but Killua’s Godspeed was enough to let him speedblitz one of the 3 Royal Guards. Unfortunately Killua has not gotten a serious fight since then and it’s also been a while since we saw Feitan fight. I think Killua’s Godspeed gives him the speed advantage though and he should be able to end the fight before it runs out. Killua wins.

Jin vs Killua

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is a pretty strong hand to hand fighter and he even has a demon mode as well. This makes him an extra dangerous fighter for sure. That being said, Killua already had a good degree of super strength and speed ever since he was a little kid. His abilities have only grown since then and I don’t even think it would be much of a fight at this point. Jin has the right amount of destructive power, but he won’t be able to hit Killua. Killua wins.

Killua vs Binolt

Binolt was a pretty tough opponent for Gon and Killua back in the day, but it’s safe to say that he’s been utterly surpassed. During the end phase of the training, he couldn’t even compete with them that much anymore. Binolt is basically yesterday’s news, but at least he tried. Killua wins.

Killua vs Leorio

Killua has some pretty impressive speed on his side. Leorio may have gone up against Hisoka in the past, but he definitely doesn’t stand a chance against Killua. One good blast of electricity and Leorio should be down for the count. Killua definitely had a field day with wins today. Killua wins.

Killua vs Zushi

Zushi may be good at hand to hand combat, but Killua is a lot faster and much more powerful. His nen abilities are definitely a league above Zushi’s and being an assasin has helped Killua hone his skills. Maybe Zushi will be back for a win one of these days, but Killua will definitely be back. Killua wins.

Killua vs Sadaso

Sadaso may have talked tough back in the day, but once things got serious he lost his edge. He was pretty scared of Killua back in the day and that wasn’t even at Killua’s prime. Killua would defeat this guy with ease thanks to his incredible speed and lightning abilities. Killua wins.

Killua vs Sub

Sub was a pretty tough thief for a while, but when he went up against Killua it was all over! Killua defeated him with incredible ease and he’s definitely a better fighter. His thunder abilities and agility give him a great edge over Sub. Sub just couldn’t take the win this time. Killua wins.

Great Stamp vs Killua

The Great Stamp may be pretty impressive, but in the end there’s no way that he can defeat Killua. Killua has his super speed and electricity at his disposal. With those abilities, not even this giant beast can take him down. This is just the beginning for Killua’s wins! Killua wins.

Killua vs Biscuit

Biscuit has some pretty impressive raw power and is partly responsible for why Killua is currently so powerful. Still, it won’t be enough to take Killua down for the count. Thanks to his godspeed and electricity, he can hit her from afar while using his speed to stay out of her attack range. Killua wins.