Elaine Belloc vs Killua

Suggested by iKnowledge Elaine Belloc may be an immortal with some interesting abilities by she doesn’t have the direct combat experience that Killua has. He should still be able to easily outmaneuver her in a fight and land some of his Thunder abilities right away. She really won’t have answer to this and doesn’t have the speed to keep up and prevent his hits from landing. Ultimately this is what will doom her to a loss. Killua wins.

4 thoughts on “Elaine Belloc vs Killua

  1. It may be true that Killua can fight with Gon, a newer Shonen fighter and one who is strong as most of them, if not more, but Ms. Belloc became one with the universe and existence itself in her comic. What’s Killua supposed to do against that? Becoming a worshipped deity and all its effects should make her greater than Killua in ability and power to do so. I wouldn’t count her out.

    • Elaine becoming a true cosmic fighter does help her range since it’s like she’s everywhere at once but her combat abilities aren’t great. Killua should be able to zoom in and land some killer blows right off the jump. She isn’t used to fighting in hand to hand combat and I don’t think she has enough durability to stay in the fight either. This is why I don’t see her beating Killua.

      • You really sure about what you are saying. Eliane is a god with no weakness or limitations. She is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. If you will read about her feats this Killua is nothing. She can erase him with just a thought. And yes her physical power ranges from planetary to tier 1A which is Outerverse level. Killua can’t even imagine or comprehend such concepts.

        You really made me laugh 🤣 with your comparison

      • The problem with being Omnipresent is that she’s everywhere at the same time so that means Killua can punch the air and still hit her. She has no real physical feats on par with Killua’s god speed abilities. He should be able to easily dodge her hits and keep on counter attacking.

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