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Sephiroth vs Jin

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is pretty strong and that’s without his demon mode. He can punch through just about everything and his hand to hand skills are on a level of their own as well. That being said, Sephiroth can still outrange him with his sword and he has enough projectiles to block the lasers. Sephiroth is faster than Jin and he has more durability. That’s enough for him to take the win here. Sephiroth wins.

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Jin vs Killua

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is a pretty strong hand to hand fighter and he even has a demon mode as well. This makes him an extra dangerous fighter for sure. That being said, Killua already had a good degree of super strength and speed ever since he was a little kid. His abilities have only grown since then and I don’t even think it would be much of a fight at this point. Jin has the right amount of destructive power, but he won’t be able to hit Killua. Killua wins.

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Jin vs Sylar

Devil Jin T5DR (1)
Sylar has a lot of abilities up his sleeve and he would likely be able to defeat Jin while Jin was in his base form. Jin is an expert at hand to hand combat, but it would be tough to get near Sylar. That’s where his devil form comes in. Jin can spam lasers from a long distance and his speed is also drastically improved. (As well as his strength) Sylar’s regeneration won’t be able to overcome Jin’s monstrous strength and none of his abilities will give him enough speed to dodge the lasers for long. Jin wins.

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Space Dandy vs Jin

Devil Jin T5DR (1)
Space Dandy has no chance in this round. Winning is just out of the question and Jin is a far superior fighter. His hand to hand skills are so much better than Dandy’s that they cannot be compared. Looks like another loss for the adventurer. Space Dandy will just keep on losing and losing as the days go by! Jin wins.

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Bison vs Jin

Jin is quite possibly the strongest Tekken character existence and Bison has always been known as one of the high tier fighters in Street Fighter. His psychic abilities are very formidable and in his final form, Bison should not be taken lightly. That being said, Jin’s speed will be able to give him the edge and he can definitely hold his own in a long range battle. This would definitely be a great fight, but Tekken scores its first win against Street Fighter in this battle! Jin wins.

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Jin vs Bass

Bass is a being of limitless power. Jin may be strong, but he’s not quite strong enough to take on Bass. Bass is far too powerful and can destroy whole planets in one blast. Jin can’t quite do that yet. Jin takes his first loss, but he lasted a while. Meanwhile Bass gets closer to the big feat of 200 wins. Bass will be back pretty soon. The King of the Blog may never change. Bass wins.

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Jin vs Kazuya

The Start of a Tekken Arc. Kazuya is an unbeatable hand to hand master and can’t lose to Jin. Jin is definitely a master at hand to hand also and if he wasn’t fighting Kazuya could take almost anyone else out. A good start for Kazuya. Kazuya wins.

But in the end I’m thinking Jin can take Kazuya on. It’s close, but he takes the win here. Jin wins.