Prince Daka vs Sephiroth

Prince Daka is a reasonably tough guy with a good energy weapon. It means that he can really dish out some damage if he lands a direct hit against human opponents but Sephiroth is no human. He has regenerative abilities as well as incredible speed and power at his disposal. Daka’s attacks wouldn’t even scratch him and Sephiroth even has other powered up modes at his disposal in order to claim victory. Daka is strong but he would not be able to win this fight as it would be over before he could even think to make a move. Sephiroth wins.

Sephiroth vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Redips is an incredibly powerful Maverick. He was the final boss of Command Mission which speaks a great deal to his power in itself. His speed may not be great but his durability is out of this world. Meanwhile Sephiroth excels in all stats, but his speed is his greatest strength. It all comes down to whether or not you think his slashes would be able to pierce through Redip’s armor. I believe it would be able to and as a result there is no way Sephiroth doesn’t win this match. He is positioned perfectly to do so. Sephiroth wins.

Noivern vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Anonymous Sephiroth is a powerful swordsman and one of the strongest fighters in all of Final Fantasy. Noivern is a skilled flyer and has a lot of projectiles of his own, but I don’t believe that they will be able to deter such a powerful figure. Sephiroth is fast enough to dodge all of Noivern’s moves and also has enough durability to repel them as well. The fact of the matter is that these two are in different leagues. Sephiroth wins.

Rudy (Ice Age) vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Anonymous Sephiroth is a very powerful enemy in Final Fantasy VII. He would be able to defeat Rudy in an instant. You can’t even begin to compare these two when it comes to fighting ability. Rudy is at the end of the day, just a dinosaur. Usually you wouldn’t use the word “just” in that context, but when compared to someone like Sephiroth there is no animal that can really compete. Sephiroth wins.

Accelerator vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Sonic Sephiroth is incredibly fast and may surpass Accelerator in that area. You can barely even react to Sephiroth swinging his sword, but beyond that Sephiroth’s ranged attacks will be less useful here since Accelerator can reflect them all. Accelerator was pretty limited for a time when he needed the network to connect, but on his own he can use his abilities without worry and for a long time. I don’t believe Sephiroth will be able to keep up and since one touch from Accelerator can mean death Sephiroth can’t afford even the slightest mistake. Accelerator wins.

Sephiroth vs Aizen

Suggested by Destroyer Sephiroth is one of the most iconic villains of all time. His skills with a blade are nearly unmatched and it’s hard to keep him down. In a straight fight there are few who can challenge him, but Aizen has no need to engage him like that. He can use his illusions to make the match more difficult and in his final Xenomorph-esque form he has more speed and power than Sephiroth. When you put all of those factors together then it really is the end for the one winged angel. Aizen wins.

Sephiroth vs Jin

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is pretty strong and that’s without his demon mode. He can punch through just about everything and his hand to hand skills are on a level of their own as well. That being said, Sephiroth can still outrange him with his sword and he has enough projectiles to block the lasers. Sephiroth is faster than Jin and he has more durability. That’s enough for him to take the win here. Sephiroth wins.

Megaman SF vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Destroyer Sephiroth still has the most iconic boss theme in video game history. It’s just awesome and Advent Children showed off what he can do in a real fight. He is incredibly fast and his sword gives him a long reach. That being said, Megaman SF is extremely powerful as well. I dare say that he may be faster than Sephiroth and he has a large array of attacks at his disposal. Megaman should have enough tools at his disposal to win this fight. He’ll simply win the match up close and he would also have the edge from afar. Megaman SF wins.

Sephiroth vs Link

Link is back on the blog, but he’s fighting a very powerful sword fighter. We already know that Sephiroth can end whole solar systems, but can he hope to overwhelm the Hero of Time in a battle of swords? I’d like to think that he can due to Sephiroth’s overwhelming speed. He was able to fight Cloud to a stand still and he can slice skyscrapers in half with a casual swing. I’m afraid that Link is a little out of his league here. Sephiroth wins.

Sephiroth vs Goku

Goku is one of the strongest anime fighters of all time and he can hold his own against any fighter. Sephiroth is a master swordsman and he’s also known to be very resilient, but he won’t be able to hold out against this Saiyan Warrior. Goku can destroy an entire solar system in the blink of an eye and his speed surpasses that of Sephiroth’s. Sephiroth really won’t be able to damage Goku thanks to the Saiyan’s speed. Goku wins.