Fiora vs Aizen

Fiora is a powerful fighter and she got a good amount of power ups in Xenoblade Chronicles. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on the mastermind known as Aizen. Not just yet anyway. Aizen will still be able to speedblitz all day without any effort needed and his power is through the roof. There is nothing within the Xenoblade verse that would be able to overtake him. Aizen wins.

Aizen vs Lan

Suggested by Destroyer Aizen is one of the most powerful Bleach villains out there. The guy can use illusions to keep you guessing for days while also possessing a master level amount of strength and speed. Lan’s really not going to be able to do a whole lot against a fighter like that. Fortunately for him he does have Megaman and the ability to cross fuse. Aizen won’t be able to overcome that level of skill. His illusions will be shattered. Lan wins.

Kokushibo vs Aizen

Kokushibo is a powerful swordsman with a lot of eyes so it can be hard to get anything past him. Aizen is a master of manipulation though so that’s a challenge he would certainly welcome. While breathing arts may possibly help to reduce the strength of an illusion, Aizen can always just fall back on his brute strength. When he is fighting all out in his hybrid form Kokushibo will be unable to keep up with this guy. Aizen’s got too many tricks up his sleeve. Aizen wins.

Sephiroth vs Aizen

Suggested by Destroyer Sephiroth is one of the most iconic villains of all time. His skills with a blade are nearly unmatched and it’s hard to keep him down. In a straight fight there are few who can challenge him, but Aizen has no need to engage him like that. He can use his illusions to make the match more difficult and in his final Xenomorph-esque form he has more speed and power than Sephiroth. When you put all of those factors together then it really is the end for the one winged angel. Aizen wins.

Aizen vs Jiren

Aizen may have just won a match against Obito, but he has met his match here. Jiren is a being of unstoppable power. There are few who can even hope to challenge him. Aizen’s illusions won’t be doing much here and his attacks probably won’t even be strong enough to deal any damage. Jiren is simply in a different league here and probably won’t have to get serious. He’s likely going to be the favorite going into the top 8 of this tournament, but we’ll see if he can keep up the momentum. Jiren wins.

Aizen vs Obito

Looks like it is time for a battle of heavy weights here. Neither of these fighters ended up being the final boss of their respective series but they were pretty close. Both fighters have some good regenerative abilities and their physical abilities are off the charts. The reason why Aizen wins this round is mainly thanks to his Xenomorph form that he got from the Hogyoku. In his final mode I just don’t see Obito being quite fast enough to stop him. Both of their illusions are thrown out of the picture for this fight so it all comes down to their abilities. I think it’ll be a pretty epic fight for sure, but one where I’d put my money on Aizen. Aizen wins.

Megatron vs Aizen

Suggested by Destroyer Megatron is a powerful Decepticon and is one of the strongest characters in the Transformers universe. He has a strong energy cannon and is an expert in hand to hand combat as well. Still, I don’t think he is quite ready to take on someone as quick and tricky as Aizen. I’m Aizen’s final form his raw power is also increased tremendously. Aizen wins.

Aizen vs Ash

Suggested by Sonic Aizen is known as one of the strongest Bleach characters and for good reason. He has illusions which can trick any character and then he also has enough physical skill to come to blows with multiple captains at once. In his evolved form he transcends any Pokémon final form and that spells the end for Ash. Aizen wins.

Aizen vs Vent

Suggested by Destroyer This match was deceptively tricky. Vent is no slouch and his various abilities make him a very serious threat. He is fast, strong, and has quite the arsenal of lethal abilities at his disposal. You really should not count him out against anyone, but Aizen has shown himself to be one of the strongest Bleach villains out there. As impressive as Vent is, he will simply not be able to keep up with Aizen’s superior firepower. Aizen wins.

Aizen vs Esdeath

One look at Aizen’s monster form is enough to remind everyone who the victor here is. Even without Aizen’s array of illusions, he’s physically more than a match for Esdeath as he surpasses her in speed and power. She really never stood a chance here and Aizen even has the edge in intelligence which makes this even more of a blowout. This was a tough pair of matches from Esdeath, we’ll see if she can bounce back from this. Aizen wins.