Ruko Kominato vs Lan

Ruko and Lan are both talented fighters who enjoy battling with their partner. That said, Ruko rarely gets to actually have fun dueling due to the stakes while Lan has always made sure to have a ton of fun. When you put it all into perspective, his combat experience is just far greater. Ruko will have a difficult time keeping up with him at all. Lan will be able to end this as soon as he crossfuses. A single blast will be able to do the trick in Hubstyle. Lan wins.

Draco Malfoy vs Lan

Suggested by Megapot Network Lan is a pretty tough kid. He was able to learn Crossfusion with ease and that also multiplied his abilities many times over. He became a global threat at least when it comes to sheer power. Draco would probably have a tough time destroying a mountain in comparison. Couple that with Lan’s speed and there just isn’t any way for Draco to keep it close. The kid is doomed. Lan wins.

Lan vs Harry Potter

Suggested by Megapot Network Harry Potter may be known as a powerful spell caster in his own right, but Lan is able to fuse with Megaman. This allows him to tap into crazy amounts of power and amp himself up to a level where just powering up might cause enough wind to blow Potter away. This kid will need more than a wand to stop Lan. Lan wins

Misaki Suzuhara vs Lan

Misaki is one of the best Angel operators out there. With Hikaru by her side, there are few opponents who can really match up to her. That being said, Lan is certainly one of them. With Megaman by his side he is every bit as formidable as Misaki and even more so. Both of these fighters are good at adapting on the fly and improving their skills, but ultimately Lan and Megaman are just stronger and have more combat options. Lan wins.

Ash vs Lan

It’s time for two of the strongest toyetic main characters to square off in this round. Ash has a lot of Pokemon at his disposal, but Lan has Megaman with him. It’s a serious battle of quality vs quantity and the former wins out this time. Megaman could keep up with opponents at a Super Saiyan level so stopping Pikachu is certainly within his abilities. This match won’t go very smoothly for Ash and he’ll actually have to take a loss here. Lan wins.

Zouken vs Lan

Zouken is back, but now he’s going to lose to one of the world’s greatest Netbattlers! Lan Hikari is the proud owner of Megaman and he also has the ability to Crossfuse. This really puts the pressure on Zouken since the old man will really have a tough time here. He definitely can’t keep up with Lan and one good sword strike will end things. Lan wins.

Lan vs Chaud

Chaud has some pretty powerful techniques at his disposal! Of course Lan has still got this thanks to his epic speed and character development. Chaud even tried to take on Lan during the Axess days, but got his honor handed to him! Chaud’s tough, but he just can’t beat Lan. Lan wins.

Haruka Hikari vs Lan

Haruka Hikari is a pretty tough fighter, but not even she can take on the extreme power that Lan has! With Megaman at his side there are few that he can’t beat. Haruka Hikari may have put up an admirable fight, but in the end it was for naught. One day she may be back to pwn. Lan wins.

Lan vs Hro Talak

Hro Talak is a tough warrior, but Lan could beat him in an instant. His power level is pretty much unlimited and his speed is legendary. Hro Talak is tough, but when your speed and strength are millions of times less than your opponent’s then it’s pretty much time to die. Lan wins.